A1 / OPMI1 / SQ1 - All names.. but whats the craic?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Davros_the_Dalek, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. A discussion banded around the office today:

    So it seems that some months ago, to be qualified for promotion to Sgt, you needed to have completed an SQ1, be it in CI, OpInt, the UKIAC, long lang course, "THE" Course or things beginning with Q. One of them plus the OPMI 1 forum and the SNCO Cadre (D&D2?) means as far as the Corps is concerned, you've ticked all the boxes. All that's left to do it the SNCO CLM and you're good to go. (?)

    Now.. duty rumour and the like has confused this issue. I have seen people go through Chicksands on both the CI AND OpInt SQ1's when they are already language qualified or are followers of St AHO. Then we hear that to be qualified now, you have to have done everything. Clearly not ALL of them, but the CI, Opint and the D&D before you are qualified. Then we hear that the forum has been binned (confirmed that the next forum got canned). Then a new forum is to be trawled for in April. (??) Also we hear that instead of what happened previously with the forum being the part that gives you the pay increment, seems the rumour is that it's the D&D now?!! Is this true?

    Finally, instead of before with people that have been preselcted for promotion taking priority on said courses so that they couldbe promoted in the promotion year following their preselection, seems that now there is talk of people having to be FULLY qualified before even being boarded?!

    Clearly this has led to a great deal of confusion for both those soldiers looking at getting on these courses as well as their respective CoCs.

    Can anyone here, (*looks at NTTT and others in positions on knowledge*) shed any light on this at all? Even a PM with the official line would be immensely useful to help inform.

  2. I wouldn't worry Davros, it'll be years before you have to worry about doing your CLM and SNCOs cadre! :lol:
  3. I am not 100% sure of all the answers to your questions (which is bad considering that I work in one of the wings at chicksands providing some of this training) but in Northern Ireland we were given a brief that stated you had to have 2 SQ's, d&d and CLM to get your sub Sgt. Don't know if this is of any use to you.
  4. ..................... and make sure you have DIT too.......
  5. I am pretty sure that OPMI 2 has been binned - I'll ring NTTT tomorrow and wake her up if she hasn't replied tomorrow!
  6. The OPMI 2 has been binned and replaced with a work book, which on completion gives the soldier the class 2 qual. Further details on request!
  7. Fully aware of the OPMI 2 thing.. this is the OPMI 1 I'm asking about! :D
  8. Was just answering Mrs R! Would hate for NTTT to be woken for such a trivial matter.
  9. I am awake now.

    PD 1 remains extant but I will post an update from the SME in the next few days as there will be changes no doubt down the line.
  10. NTT, any comment on this bit from the font of knowledge?
  11. CR,
    I am sure Davros is correct, Forum suspended UFN.
  12. The forum is under review but there has been no decision as yet.
  13. Just join the Masons.
    Then it doesn't matter if you're qualified or not, they'll still promote you. :)
  14. I can think of at least one Mason that didnt happen to.
  15. Mason?

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