A1 mags on A2......

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by oldgrunt, Mar 25, 2004.

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  1. This really belongs on the QM board - where I've asked the question, so if answer could be posted there........

    Does anyone have any practical experience of A1 magazines on SA80A2 ? A complete no-no ? Lots of jams ? Or just the same as on an A1, not ideal nut workable ?
  2. Why would you want to use a1 mags on an a2 . They will work but the whole point was to improve on the old mags why would you want to hang on to them?
  3. Yes - they will fit.

    Why would you want to? They are cheap nasty bits of rubbish, prone to misfeeding and corrosion in the springs etc etc etc.

    SA80A2 is a good weapon (I certainly had no problems with it on Telic - over 2000rds and no jams) - why compromise it by fitting chad magazines?? :roll:
  4. Careful with this one.

    Was talking to one of our WO2's, who had to speak to someone at Bisley for doing that. Apperently A1 mags can cause misfeeds in the A2, and one had caused a breech explosion.

    So it's a big no-no according to him. Happy to stand corrected if I've been fed a line, mind you.
  5. In theory every 5.56 NATO mag out there should meet the NATO standard (I can't remember the STANAG number off the top of my head). Which is not a bad idea when you think about it, so you can resupply from any NATO forces around at the time.

    The fact that the A1 magazine doesn't seem to merely reinforces its status as crappest assault rifle of all time.
  6. I have not used the A2 yet.... what I have heard is that the rifle will always jam when firing blanks from the new mag, so they have designed a mag for blank firing.. apparantly it is a yellow mag!!
  7. There is a new Blank Firing System coming in. I have read the signal on this and seen pictures. It comprises of a modified BFA, which will withstand up to 3 live rounds fired through it, and a new magazine, which can only be fitted with blank rounds. The bottom half of the magazine is painted yellow.

    As an SAAI, I think that something like this is long overdue. Poor range checks has caused too many injuries and deaths, so this new system will hopefully prove invaluable.

    If I remember to bring the signal home, I will give you its proper name.

    Hope this helps.
  8. The A2 mags jam in the A2 as well.

    They are sh#te