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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by biscuits, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone that has the results please PM me, as they aren't on ArmyNet yet.



    PS, not for me, just trying to see if I'm going to get a new boss soon :wink:
  2. Could be a few weeks before they are on Armynet. Could someone PM me too please. Cheers.
  3. I can tell you the IS Supvrs if you like. It's quite easy to remember 6 names.
  4. OK, no new FofS for me! The results were on ArmyNet last night.

    Congratulations to all who came off, notably for me, IS Sup with the initials JMT. I knew him as a tech Sgt at 204, and suspected he was a complete mentallist! This has proved it! If you read this, it was me that spilled your coffee all over you in the cab of the ERV on the main drag at Paderborn.

    Well done on your promotion, now get a proper haircut!!! :wink:
  5. I spoke to him the other night, the mad attention deficit disordered bloke! :D
  6. FAO Biscuits,

    Can you PM me the names of the Supvr IS, I would like to know if "H" fm the Purple regime has been picked up.
    TVM in advance
  7. Oracle - check your PMs.
  8. Where abouts on armynet is is listed? Looked everywhere, but I am probably blind.
  9. try under promotions!
  10. You find them yet? Some good blokes on the list. Notice one significant figure missing from the YofS bit. Guess MP was really stiffed by the cavalry bloke. That’s one bloke who would make an excellent traffic.

    Different note, got one of your guys with us here in KAF, the mad one arm press up monster. Give him a kick when he gets back and tell him that when he borrows the only rover for a day, that means one day not the fecking 3 he kept it for. These flippy floppy things at the end of my legs were not invented for walking. :D :D BTW.
  11. Nah mate, given up looking. Probably really simply to find, but haven't got time.

    Pity about MP, would have made a great Traffic, and your probably right it was that snotty cavalry person and his spotty dog. :)

    I'll kick him for you mate. He should be back soon.
  12. Am I right in thinking you have to be on the intranet to view the promotion boards. Using the civvy internet onto ArmyNet I go to MCM divs and then promotion and the boards are not clickable. Is it available on the intranet only?
  13. Supertramp, you should be able to view them outside the Intranet. The A1 results are top of the list under Career>Promotions>Royal Signals and Intelligence Corps.

    They are usually either PDF files or Word docs.
  14. Found them. Thanks for that boney.