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Spain, Italy, Malta to my sure knowledge: anywhere where a necropolis is used for burial, either because the ground is too hard for burial (especially in summer) or there is a shortage of land space.
When I was in Valencia I lived quite close to a Spanish cemetery, they were like small apertures stacked upon each other in a walled enclosure. The day of the dead weekends were quite a spectacle, and on the Sunday the families would go and have a picnic where their loved ones were laid to rest.
My local one in Catalonia.

Essentially you buy space in a family crypt and they just bung you in. Much older bones I am informed will get pushed to a space in the back.

It's not something I have looked at in depth though. Cremation for me and no worries.


Awaiting tenants.
Do they have a lot of BTLs in Oz? The UK is full of them.
Yes positively encouraged here. You are allowed to negatively ghear an investment property or properties against your tax returns. This allows you to offset the expenses incurred on your investment properties against your annual income tax

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