Brisbane's your best bet in my opinion. I'm off to try my luck up there in a couple of weeks because Sydney is truly fucked.
Brissy is an interesting place to visit but am not sure if I would like to live there long term. Have some friends who live there. There must be other places up/ down the coast which are better.
These are the places that I've lived, the rent that I'll likely have to pay for a nice flat in a good area, the amount that I'll probably be able to charge as an interim CFO and my best estimate of how long it'll take to get a gig. I have to stick to fairly big places as I tend to specialise in SME's with turnovers of between 50-100mill or as a Chief Internal Auditor with big companies. Other things like family/mates and weather also factored in.
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What's that? Rent/week?

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