A year to the wedding and counting!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by amazon1981, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. ADVICE!!!

    As anyone here had to organise a wedding living in two different countries?

    If so, can you give me some advice please?!?

    I am in the UK and my fiance is in Germany. He is next home for a week near the end of this month.

    I am thinking this is gonna be difficult!!

    Any useful advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Then: You had the BFPO and the Deutsche Telecom yellow box and a pile of 2 mark pieces!

    Now: You have mobile phones, email and the Internet!

    Now, just exactly what are these problems?

  3. Congratulations, BTW! :lol:

  4. LoL

    I know I shouldn't feel hard done by!! But its still difficult.

    He wants everything ran by him first...which means i have to get him in the evening. So, if something I need to get there are then comes up its difficult.

    I have a feeling other probs will rear their ugly head too lol (negative cow that I am)

    Thanks for the congrats :) xxx
  5. Marriage is about give and take anyway, so get used to it! And the more give and take, the better!

    Mine went wrong when we stopped talking to one another! There were reasons for that but I was too stupid to spot the clues!

    I hope the planning goes well.

  6. ok thanks for that :)

    I will start appreciating the fact that we talk about it xxx
  7. Amazon, I don't think you really want to marry him. FFS -

    1. Don't run anything by him. Tell him where he has to be and on what date and time. He can wear what the f uck he wants as long as he doesn't look like a tit.

    2. Pick the dress you like, don't let his mother make your mind up for you. Remember you have to dance in it later.

    3. Let your mum and dad arrange the reception - they know what you like and hopefully are not up their own arrses.

    4. Make his mum and dad pay for everything.

    5. I am charging you £40 a post for advice and expect an invite to the wedding.


    Sluggy xx
  8. LoL Dale

    (I still haven't told anyone you are nice really lol)

    £40 cheque in the post!!

    I love him to bits and do want to marry him (go on, be sick lol)

    I love your advice Dale. I am thinking my mom arranginf and his parents paying sounds pretty damn good to me lol
  9. The only difference between a rottweiler and my ex-wife was a coat of lipstick. :D

    Enjoy married life for as long as it lasts :lol:

  10. oh thanks!! lol
  11. I was going to ask if he's for real! I can only go on the experiences of my friends, but aside the honeymoons and maybe the bar, none of their fiancés have been more than very remotely interested in the events of the day, leaving my mates struggling to decide on pretty much everything AND keep their future monster-in-law placated... :roll: Oh, one of the blokes said he wanted to choose the cake: have you ever seen an Everton blue wedding cake? 8O
  12. Different countries? I've arranged two weddings, and subsequent divorces, from different planets, me on Mars, them on a rocky,chilly, inhospitable world that some would call Venus, but I know as...........marriage!

    Just arrange things as you would like them, he'll get over it.

    Hope this helps, and no, I'm not bitter, just scarred and traumatised.
  13. I wouldn't have called you bitter at all!!lol...But it's good to know what can be done from two totally differing starting points ;)

    I guess my OH is worrying what I would do with his bank card, given a free range!!lol xxx
  14. BTW

    I have never seen an Everton cake...if a man pushed for such a thing, I am thinking thats instant grounds for calling it off lol

    You can only go down hill from there...... :)
  15. Let me tell you something, love is blind but marriage is a big fu1cking eye opener!! My wife organised our marriage whilst I was posted to Cyprus, and I just let her crack on and handed out the cheques. 13 years on and not a lot has changed!