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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Maverick00, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. I have a year to fill as I managed to fail my RCB. I take some comfort in that I was "very much on the borderline" and have been encouraged to return, although it's somewhat frustrating.

    Based on my report my sponsor had little to recommend specifically. What I'd like to ask the learned chaps on here is what could I do that will make best use of that time? I'm intending to get involved on a Raleigh International expedition and am considering taking up a management position at my place of work. I've also got plans to work on other areas highlighted on my report (i.e. my perceived 'raffishness' and "lack of finesse" could probably be corrected through removing my Essex/East end accent and becoming more cultured). Are there any other ideas anyone could suggest?

  2. Maverick,

    You can be cultured without trying to adopt an accent that isnt part of you. By all means, get out into the world, get some life experience and improve yourself. Removing an accent wont do this for you.

    If your under the impression that a regional accent will hinder you, i believe you are wrong. Its part of who you are, be proud of it.

    Boney, From Essex
  3. It certainly isn't an accent ! I passed it with a lovely lilting Welsh accent.

    Or maybe it's because I gave them my rendition of "Calon Lan" and "Men of Harlech" during an impromptu moment during the command tasks.

  4. Are you currently a member of the TA?
  5. one civilians view.....
    Merely removing your dialect would not reduce your raffishness or lack of finesse...although learning to speaking the Queens English clearly is an distinct advantage when in leadership.
    It's pretty important to work out EXACTLY what aspects of your behaviour were perceived to be lacking. It would be unfortunate indeed for you to work hard on losing certain traits if they were not even the ones percieved at fault and were in fact considered the good points!
    As for becoming more cultured, this can only be a good thing!
    Read widely, Experience an Opera, A ballet, A musical, A shakespeare, A classical concert.
    Most importantly...and far more beneficial than merely altering your outward manners... engage with all manner of people and listen carefully to them and learn to see things from their perspective...help at a youth club for underprivileged kids, serve soup at a soup kitchen, read to blind old ladies at a nursing home.
    And watch how older and wiser men that you respect interact and behave and ....copy them.
    All the best son, don't waste the year .. and have a ball! :wink:
  6. hmm useful advice there Miffy. Thanks for that. Now shouldn't you be getting back to your basket weaving class.

    Maverick for sensible answers pm me . Don't take the advice from a glue-sniffing weirdo like miffy. She has never attended RCB. Infact the closest she has come to the army is playing with an airfix model of a centurion tank when she was a pup.

    Typical, started off as a sensible thread before it got hijacked by a walt troll.

    Like I said pm me and I'll get back to you.

  7. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    One, yes this is a civilians view on an Army site. So take it how you want!

    Two, the above statement is total rubbish, i have never been in a situation where speaking correctly has ever helped with leadership. Leadership is a quality gained from experience and learning from people who have been leaders of men longer than yourself (All future subbies two words TROOP SERGEANT).

    Three, Miffy i cannot understand why as a civilian you would quote what you assume are leadership qualities on a military site and not expect to be rubbished if you are wrong.

    Rant over.

    Mav, enjoy your year.

    Enjoy your year mav
  8. I'm not a member of the TA but I did consider it. However, I was advised that they would not appreciate being used as a stepping stone to RCB, whilst my plans to travel would also clash with the time commitment required.

    Regarding the accent, I appreciate your sentiments but I'm just considering solutions from every angle. I've even considered changing my job - I work in the health and fitness industry as an instructor, personal trainer and studio instructor. The qualities required in that kind of job may only exacerbate 'raffish' characteristics IMHO.

    To help my practical problem solving ability I've enlisted help within the family on basic engineering principles - my confidence at practical problem solving could do with a slight boost. Also, working on community projects whilst travelling are targetted at helping this area.

    This may all seem OTT but the fail came as quite a shock to me and I'm firmly set on passing with flying colours next time - I just need to make this year a busy and productive one!

    I'd like to underline this all by saying I'm only young (just turned 22) and graduated from uni this summer so am still a pup! Plus, I have been advised that the determination shown to return after a year would stand me in good stead.
  9. If you care to re read what I wrote I tried to make it clear that removing a dialect does not address reducing raffishness or a lack of finesse....but that learning to speak CLEARLY (not just correctly) is an advantage.
    And in the current absence of access to military leaders to observe I advised....
    Discernment is a gift/skill worth developing as well!! :roll:
  10. Ignore this prick please.
  11. Two very good confidence boosting areas to work on, I suspect you have it sussed although like the earlier posters (Miffy exempted) I would not worry about the accent.
    I mean if Rat Rug can pass with his lovely lilting Welsh Accent it shouldn't be a problem. :wink:
  12. Well thank you very much boyo. See those two houses over there - mine's the one in the middle!
  13. Well thats a resounding vote of confidence for the Essseeeexx accent! Do appreciate all the advice though, a thoroughly rapid response! Tombs, are you including the comment about the job as a good idea as well?

    I think travelling/volunteer work seems to be the way forward alongside experiencing some of the more cultured activities life has to offer (aside from pissing money up a wall at every available opportunity...)
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    We do other things apart from that in the army you know...... :D
  15. Yes very much so, it can only improve your communications skills which it has to said are probably the most important thing you take to a RCB.

    Working for a number of years now in a retail environment almost every cockup which occurs between the various companys I deal with is the result of bad comms.