A year in Jail without trial?

Bugly said:
I take it Shami Chakrathingy is on his case ?
Fair Trials Abroad would be the correct organisation to assist - not Liberty
Come on, now, it was only the Lords that stopped Blindgit trailing the way for this here. We're living in a spectacularly large glass house, when it comes to imprisonment without trial.
pcar964 said:
Think you're safe from that sort of thing here in UK?

Think again: Not Guilty after 22 Months on remand
When the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms [1953] was incorporated into English Law under section 1 Human Rights Act 1998, and then trumpeted by the Government as 'bringing rights home', they chose not to disclose openly that they had left one very important provision of the convention out of the Human Rights Act altogether, since no-where within the 1998 Act will you find:

"Article 13 - Right to an effective remedy:

Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set fort in this convention are violates shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding thayt that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.'

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