A WW II Paratroopers Story

Picture of WW II, Korean War in kit. (Attached Photo)


A very enjoyable story; straightforward and plainly written by an average Joe called on to do above-average things.
Thanks T_W,

A very plain, honest and meaningful story of a guy just wanting to do his duty.

I for one enjoyed it very much :lol:

A most remarkable story - very many thanks.
I apologise if this is thread hijacking but...

From harsh experience of working with them, I will never be anything less than derogatory to American forces in general. I'm not blind to the fact you get good and bad in all our armed services but for some reason the SPAMs seem to have more than most.

However stories like that remind me there are far better soldiers out there than I could ever hope to have been. My own 'favourite' that transcends all nationalities is this one about a squaddie who would not let his mates down:

I think this is as close as I'll get to saying US forces are 'ok'.
drain_sniffer said:
TW, were there any operational jumps conducted in Korea?
Yes, by the 187th RCT and the 2nd & 4th Airborne Ranger Infantry Companies. Here is a great Airbone website site that will give you details. Look around the whole site as there are many interesting things there.


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