A word of warning

"The surprise factor will give women a chance to escape," says Ehlers, explaining that the rapist would be in great pain as the 25 teeth attach themselves to the shaft of the penis.
That's far more than I'm used to.
Gentlemen do not worry, just add a dildo to your rapist kit and use that to recce the area before you launch the main thrust of Operation SURPRISE.


Book Reviewer
I bet there's not many birds would walk around carting that little 'love-ball' on their daily rounds JUST in case somone decides to plant them with a meat bratwurst.
If i were a rapist, and i am, i would be very inclined to insert a slim, sharp metal object into the throat of my erstwhile victim if my penis was devoured by that thing. Surely this will lead to a lot of victim deaths??
Lordy what about all the drunken bints consenting to a night of horizontal aerobics in their state of drunken wantoness and forgetting they had one of them in!! oooooh doesnt bear thinking about!!

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