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Discussion in 'Australia' started by uksniper, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. This is advice based on two years experience of living in Oz and being an ADF member (Army other rank). If you don't agree with it then your experiences have been better than mine.

    For those in the process please read on.

    During your interview they will offer you a job and seniority etc. Ensure that whatever they tell you is written down in black and white. Ensure they tell you what the seniority covers (i.e. courses retained, Platoon/Troop Sgt time, CSM time etc). Ensure this is also written in your offer as there will be Warrant Officers here that will interpret that information as they see fit and I can assure you it will be the opposite to the way you interpret it.

    Don't expect your SCMA interview with your career manager to come to much. My experience is that my career manager was ill prepared and totally unprofessional and seemed more concerned with getting a beer down his neck.

    Pomaphobia - myth or fact. From my experience fact. There is obviously banter and I am old enough and wise enough to know what banter is, but when someone in a very senior position (OR) makes comments about the amount of laterals coming over here and taking Australian soldiers jobs it makes my skin crawl. If that were true the ADF would not be actively recruiting us. Luckily people like this are a minority.

    The policy of serving till you're 60 may sound very good but you'll see it has a detrimental effect on the young thrusters, in that the old need to move on to allow the younger to proceed up the ranks. This cannot happen at present due to a 5 yr backlog in the WO level within all Corps of the Army. Seeing and hearing old sweats say 'What do you want that for? We never needed that when I was your age'. Things have changed since Vietnam mate!

    Red tape and paperwork - WOW

    On the brighter side the pay and allowances are much better than the British Army. Housing is excellent.

    These are just a few negatives to take the shine off but be clear in your own mind what you want from your time here. The lifestyle and weather make up for the deficiencies with the job. The pool in the garden and the boat on the drive are things which you only dream of in your two up two down UK house.

    Would I have moved knowing what I know now. Yes I would have but I would have have done things slightly differently. The family love it here and I see more of them than I would have had I stayed in the UK.

    The Aussie motto is 'A Fair Go' thats all we want, so give it to us and stop making us jump through so many hoops to get it.
  2. So, it's just like every other service in every other country: Be sure to get it in writing or you won't get it.

    I tell this to aspiring U.S. soldiers all the time. The recruiter can tell you a hundred fairy tales but nothing will come to fruition if you don't have it in writing. If it's not in your contract - you won't get it. That's the plain truth.

    The military can do wonderous things for you but be sure to hold them to their promises and never make allowances on a mere spoken word.

    Don't be disillusioned - just get what you want in your contract.

    Good post. Thanks for offering a heads up.
  3. Very true and thanks.
  4. Spot on mate, I would definitely ensure things are written down, trouble is, until you are here, you don't know what needs to be considered! If anyone had said 'You are granted Sub 4 WO', I wouldn't have known what they were on about :)
    One thing we Poms do badly is trying to pass on experience - Aussies hate it when we say 'In the UK, we did it this way' Now I try and express it more subtly. Aussies in general don't mind us coming over, it is mostly the 'wasters' that see us as taking their jobs.
  5. I could not have put that better myself.
  6. I've had the pleasure of serving with two British lateral WO2's during my time. Both have been absolutely top class, and undoubtedly contributed to my application to go the other way!

    Any Australian Officer or soldier with half a brain, will appreciate knowledge, experience and ability regardless of who it is or where they've come from.

    So to those of you considering the jump downunder - there are plenty of Aussies who would love to work with you!
  7. Bondy

    Cheers mate, part of the reason for me applying was the fact that every Aussie Soldier/Officer that I have worked with have recommended that I make the move in order for the ADF to gain from all my Op and other experience. Also I haven't worked with a bad Aussie and therefore I based my decision on that. I suppose there are always going to complete tossers whatever army you are in.


    GH 749
  8. To all,

    I'm having the same problem at the mo as I come over from being a REME sergeant to now being a RAEME corporal after 3 months of asking, phoning etc to find out that the courses that I was told I needed to do in my written offer were reservist courses that are no longer being run and now I may have to do a 6 month course at ASEME. :cry:
    Also being Para trained with 30 odd jumps and serving at an airborne unit I have been told that this is not good enough to jump in Australia and I have to start again... I done my German jumps course which use's the same kit as the Australian Army with only 2 hours training. :x
    So even if it is in black and white be prepared for change and stay flexible and try not to get to frustrated... :!:

    But its killing me...
  9. Tenmiletab: How have you coped with the transistion to Oz...Any real time issues?
  10. Op2death,

    No major issue mate just time to readjust, I bit like a new posting in the UK is the way that I have looked at it. The pace is slow so don't hope to get things cracked at the pace you would expected in the British army and it does not help that most people just don't know what to do with you, some of the diggers (privates) are still asking me how long I'm here for and when do I go back to the UK...

    But on the plus side the blokes are mega and have accepted me from the start most saying that its a big move and one that they couldn't do. The weather is brill and living is Oz is mega too with loads of days out and stuff for the family to do.

    My wife loves it and she does stuff with our little boy everyday so no problems there.

    I hope I have helped and if you have any other questions please get in touch.

  11. Many thanks for the info...it just what I'm looking for, I land in Feb and to be honest I can't wait!
  12. Guys,
    I've gone full circle and I know several personalities in here, so forgive this rant, but given this is 'warts n all' I have a view on this subject that I'd like to share! Frankly, the disconnect between the recruiters and the Career Managers is simply not good enough, I too was sold a tale, which when it came to the actual contract (issued by the CM) was way off the mark and they knew it.
    It was, however, not the most disturbing issue that made me review my position in the Oz Army; The Career Managers (and I had three) were the most parochial, narrow minded, under-hand, morally weak, lying people I've ever come across. Not only did they employ the unwritten rule of using who (us) they saw fit to fill the cracks (shite jobs), they didn't have the moral fibre to admit things when challenged.
    Be careful guys and don't be afraid to challenge and submit Representation if you are being wronged.
    Happy New Yr!!!
  13. The treatment's still streets ahead of when the poms sent all their crims out here to Aus hey!?!? Maybe the shaftings are all payback for those backward colonialist attitudes from days of yore... :D

    You gotta love your pom: he gets to escape hell for paradise and still finds something to whinge about! :roll:
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  14. Where u bound for op? We also land in feb, really looking forward to
    it! I've created a Facebook group for us laterals, we've nearly 60 members now, pm me for the details if ur interested...