A woman wants to meet me ....for my wallet no doubt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cyclic, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Anyone received this in there email ? do you think she really loves me? feel free to bombard the little Nigerian twat with shite, the pictures were missing or I may have kept it to myself.

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for reaching back to me after receiving my message! Actually the content in your mail is very apparent!

    Let me be blunt in making a brief introduction of myself, I am Mrs. Katy Coly by name and I am 39years of age. I am an easy going woman, down to earth, and understanding. However, I contacted you for a reason that will be very beneficial for both of us.

    Having said that, I will take my ample time to send you detail email by tomorrow based on the reason why I have contacted you so that you can read through the details to your understanding and come to terms with me. Please do kindly reconfirm to me your full name so that I can be sure of whom I am in correspondence with as soon as you are in receipt of this mail, before reverting back to you.

    Attached to this mail are my pictures and if you don't mind i will want you to send me your pictures as well when replying this mail so that I can have a glimpse of your person.


    Mrs. Katy Coly.



    Hello dear,
    I am very sorry to be late again, please bear with me. I received the nice picture you sent to me. I think i have taken little of my time to tell you some things about me before now. Did you receive the pictures i sent to you earlier on? If no, kindly let me know when reverting back to me so that i can resend it again that is if you did not receive it before now.

    I have some detail discussion i would love to discuss with you if you will give me the enabling chance to do so i will be very happy. I will wait to read from you so that i can send you detail email.

  2. The total demolition of English grammer and phrasing in this one is probably the worst I've seen for a long time.
  3. I get loads like that from all the online dating sites that I have enrolled in. This is obviously some chap trying it on to get you to send some reddies. Stick the pictures up so we can see this wench.
  4. Why do people feel the urge to share these on Arrse?
  5. That is 100% genuine..Id go for it, send her some pix and your credit card details so she can book a flight to come see you..
  6. Possibly because 'some' arrser's wish to hear other's email stories that nobody really gives a flying feck about..
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  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    The grammar isn't that good either.
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  8. Ooooppps.
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  9. She's the orange Oompaloompa that was stalking Jarrod for a while. Best of luck, Cyclic.
  10. WILCO
  11. Any mention of minimum cock size? (yours not hers)
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  12. Until subdued with chocolate reindeers :)
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  13. white trailer trash-nine kids of mixed race by nine different gang bangers.

    hooked on food stamps, crystal meths, and weighs 25 stone.

    body hair and stale sweat never showers, does one dollar tricks.

  14. You should not knock me because I want to better myself.
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  15. Stalking Jarrod......My Arrse!!