A woman of character

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Lucky_Jim, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. I've had a quick trawl and can't find a thread on this story elsewhere, so:

    Full story HERE

    Damned good effort Ms Brzezinski!
  2. Seemed great until she went with an opening story on the new Middle East envoy! Suddenly Paris Hilton seemed intelligent.
  3. Well done Zbig's kid!!!

    When Leno's taking the p1ss out of MSNBC's coverage, you know you've got a problem. Here's how they dealt with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs being replaced:

  4. Mika Brzezinski

    Once you see it it's a lot less outrageous than it reads. They're obviously joking and having fun. The individual on the right is Joe Scarborough a former congressman.
  5. I've just watched a clip on the BBC link in my opening post, and whilst the two men were adopting a jocular air I didn't get the impression that Mika B was.

    But then the BBC clip is only three minutes long, so it could be misleading.