A wine to be shared on the balcony.

See what I did there?

Before I get my coat and taxi, my brother-in-law dropped off a bottle of plonk earlier today (a Chilean Merlot grown and bottled in their Central Valley) with a 22 SAS label on the front. It landed on his desk a few days ago. No mention of the regiment in the blurb, although it is imported by Concha y Toro UK who are based in Oxfordshire.

Does any one know anything about this wine eg. association/is it any good?

I have dismissed persec as I believe it's really a bottle of Ribena and no true identity will be compromised.

Not sure when I'll open it but will let you know what it's like.

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FBG, it'll just be a bog standard Chilean red that the messes buy off on importer, and if they do so in sufficient volume ( somewhere around 36+ cases) they can have it relabelled at a small uplift.
Lots of Regts used to do it, and it's common in the catering industry for house wines etc.
Thanks Gremlin, that was my first thought.

Would be nice to know it's journey before landing on my brother-in-laws desk, that will have to stay a mystery I suppose.

I think I can rule out him being on the SAS contact list as a contract killer though, he gets manicures FFS!

Sent from my iPhone probably using someone else's wifi.

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