A Wii ( Wee ) Question

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wheelchairwarrier, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. As an old duffer I am ignorant in the ways of games thingies.

    I wish to get a Wii game unit for some one , what do I need to get so that it will play for two kids on Christmas day with out tears or having to camp outside Argos for the boxing day sale.

    I have intel on the required games it just the hardware I need to be clear on.

  2. I'm also a games duffer but bought the kids a wii last year. You need the console (look for good deals with free games) and if you have 2 kids then 2 of the the remote things (dont know what its called but its the keypad thing that makes the games work). For some of the games you need a nun chuck which is a small device that plugs into the handset and gives additional controls. Shops like Game and Gamestation etc should help if you ask, but better deals might be had on t'internet.

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  3. W.W. i would go to game station ,When we bought my nephew's wii last year they give you all the advise . Just state it for two kids and you also want all the extra's they need.
  4. you will need the console, probably this- linky then one exta controller- controller then one extra nunchuck-nunchuck you get one nuchuck and controller in the console pack in the link, hope that's halped
  5. Don't forget some batteries!!! 2 x AA for each controller.
  6. Fallen for that one on many an xmas!! Mrs BB now buys shiote loads before x mas.
  7. All is clear now,
    I rang Gamestation for advice. The chap I spoke to gave Me plain and simple advice, no sales pressure and when I said how much , just a final figure, no messing about.
    In to Aberdeen to collect on Monday

    Thanks all