A wife betrayed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldgadge, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. what a pair of ugly cunts!
  2. She's managed to squeeze that many teeth into her head, so who knows?!?!!
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Fucking hell!

    Never mind her getting hoofed out the quarter, he's lucky not to be getting PAP 10'd because of his AIDS. Wretch.
  4. "Mrs Finn, 42, was unable to find somewhere else to live in time to comply and was fined a total of £156.24 for the 18 days she overstayed.
    On top of that she was also invoiced for cleaning and rubbish removal at a further cost of £973.25 – a total of £1,129.49."

    Thats cheap, my rent was trebled and that was in my terminal leave period, and why couldn't she clean before she left ? My missus did :p
  5. is it just me or does he look like some sort of freaky nazi scientist who was a result of interbreeding?
  6. Has 22 sigs got a mail reporter embedded on the base ? Wasn't there some fat knacker from 22 ripping off H4H last week ?
  7. Why do soldiers, particurlarly those with an aversion to front line service marry such fucking pigs? Is it some white cunts joke that us Spanish cunts dont get?
  8. Being in trhe naafi aside I do love it when papers talk about soldiers

    I'm sure the picture shows a gopping signals staffy and his very gopping wife, neither a sergeant major or an officer

    And to get back onto naafi sensibilities

    Am I the only one who first read that as their 17 and 18 year old daughters were married?! Now that's some wedding pics I'd like to see, although going by the parents they're probably gopping too
  9. ‘Finding out Alan had another woman was devastating enough,’ she said. ‘But to be charged daily for trespass because my daughters and I couldn’t find another home fast enough was incredibly cruel.
    ‘If friends and family hadn’t rallied round, we would have been homeless or forced to live in a hostel. I am shocked the MoD are allowed to act so callously.’

    93 days to find somewhere else is ample ...the MoD aren't a charity, silly bint.

    They look like the type of people I put photographs in front of the fire of to scare children away from it in the absence of a fireguard.

    I wonder what the mystery blonde looks like and if she is equally as gopping.

    *EDIT: Just seen the blondes pic, better than the wife I suppose though you can't really see for sunglasses*
  10. I know him from my time in the Corps, what is it with Scaleys this week and getting in the paper.
  11. Boozy Quote; I wonder what the mystery blonde looks like and if she is equally as gopping.

    read the article again, there's a photo of her.
  12. yeah i know sorry I edited my post to say I'd seen it
  13. Less than £8.70 a day? That's not a fine, that's a gift.
  14. We need to be mature here and remember that its the husband who is in the wrong. The only crime the ex wife seems to have committed is to marry one of the chuckle brothers.