A whole bunch of joining-the-TA related questions

Evening ladies and gents,
I'm fairly new here so please be gentle :) ... was chatting briefly to a TA soldier at the Southend airshow recently and he got me thinking about the TA. Now I've been reading about it for two nights in a row and I've still got loads of questions so apologies if some of them have been asked before; obviously heading to the local AFCO is the ideal but I'm working 'til next week now and that's too long to wait!

I'm interested mostly in joining as a combat medical technician, looking on the army website 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital seems to be the closest TA unit but their site doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone know if they have CMTs, or are CMTs part of infantry units or how does it work? Then how does it work with joining and training? I understand the minimum 19 / 27 day commitment but how about if you want to do significantly more, is that an option? Assuming I went into the AFCO Monday morning, any ideas how soon I could be joined and in training? Does the training all have to be done at evenings / weekends apart from the annual camp or is there the possibility of doing it more full time for a period? The reason I ask is that I've just finished training for my regular job and it'll be a month or two before I can start work while our slow-moving government agencies process my paperwork. That then leads me onto my next question... although I'm about 60% sure I'll stay in this area (mid Wales) to work, there is the possibility I'll have to move elsewhere in the UK potentially at short notice. Could the TA accommodate that... would they want to? Would I have to travel back to Wales for training nights etc or is it possible to transfer to another more local unit?

Apart from the whole work issue I'm super-keen to join. Living literally in the shadow of the Brecon beacons I've been walking and climbing for years, spent too many nights on the hills with knackered forces guys (sorry if that sounds wrong!)... so I kinda know what they go through and I'm fairly confident with the nav / fitness parts. It's more the whole organisational area that I'm clueless about. Any help would be much appreciated!

Cheers all!
I'll answer part of your series of questions.

Yes, you can move between units if you move home (or even if you don't). Depending on what units become local will determine whether you can sensibly continue in your military trade. e.g. If you start as a Gunner but move to an area where there isn't an RA unit, you could become a loggie (RLC). If you particularly want to retain your trade, there is provision for you to attend a more distant unit, though you'd need permission in order to claim the travel expenses. Somebody, doubtless, will come up with the precise details. Alternatively, the trade you choose in an Independent unit may also be wanted in a Specialist unit, so on moving home, you may want to try a completely different military lifestyle.

The TA has many ways in which to accommodate changes in your civvy life, whether they be change of location, job, working hours etc.

Having said that, the Army in general is not noted for performing admin tasks quickly, so treat the idea of doing some sort of block training in the next two months as extremely unlikely. You'd be lucky to get your paperwork processed in that time frame, but once you're in, attendance on courses will depend to a large extent on your availablity.

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