A wee question on my Icebreaker

Alright lads,

Ive got selection coming up and im just adding the final bits to my Icebreaker.

I intend to join the Royal Signals although I am pretty open to what regiment I go on so what would I put down as my cap badge? To be honest Im pretty confused to what my cap badge is so im pretty confused with what I'm even saying here!

Pretty much what would my cap badge be or can someone give me an example of one I go on about?

Also should I go into detail about my chosen job choice in my icebreaker?

Thanks alot lads.
Your helps appreciated.
Thanks VG

Would it be okay saying "My cap badge features Mercury, Mercury is a Greek god, with the nickname Jimmy after Jimmy Emblem who was an Army Boxing Champion during the 1920's"

What else can I stick in there?
I would mention the significance of Mercury to the R.Sigs.

Forget the bollocks about the boxer, read up on Mercury. Find out why the colours of the Stable Belt are Sky Blue, Royal Blue and Green, and why the TRF is Blue/White.

That's all your getting from me, go do your ******* homework and let me drink my beer in peace.
Haha, Thanks alot mate!

Have a beer on me!

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