A web of 'Trust'?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Plant-Pilot, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Everyone has seen the sudden influx of new members and the outstanding number of guests over the last day or two. Some are just interested parties and some may be like our old friend Jake the Jerno, fishing for stories and trying to make the members inadverantly provide stuff for a story.

    There are many regular members out there who are in or have been, many of which know other members in person. Is there a way of allocating some members a 'Trusted' tag or medal, a bit like the ones for member who've donated to the site, but only given to members who are personally known or authenticated by the CO's? Then the members that are authenticated and 'Trusted' can then authenticate members that they know.

    The end result would be a web of members who are not Walts, not Jernos but serving or ex members of the army that may even be given access to 'Trusted Only' forums where more delicate thoughts can be aired.

    Don't worry if you dismiss the idea out of hand because it's technicaly not practical, too much hard work.... or even that it's just crap. It's just a suggestion.

    I hate the idea of Eliteism, but sometimes you don't even know if people posting have even looked at a recruiting poster..... let alone done any real service.
  2. As you say it's not practical but it is a good idea
  3. You have a good point with all of the above, but those who haven't 'even looked at a recruiting poster' are alway outted anyway by the "duty witch hunt team". I think the site works well with the mix of full timers, ex-regs, TA, civvies and walts. Never a dull moment.
  4. And have you been reading the Microsoft Trust Domain Compliance documents on authenticating trusts? 8O
  5. There seems to be a bit of confusion judging by the comments in the NAAFI chat room. The whole of ARRSE goes on as normal except that some members are recognised as being forces/ex-forces. Civvys and interested partys still get to join in but we have some idea who knows what they are on about. One board is open only to the authenticated.

    No more, no less. We still get to hear the drivel off civvys and school kid wannabees. Jernos don't get to post from a position of false authority. And if there is anything a little more sensitive to discuss, at least we have a place where people who at least know the score can pass around ideas without the whole civvy world taking them out of context.

    Like I said. It's just an idea.

  6. A private board requiring a 'sponsor' for entry?
  7. Yeah, maybe a mod has to 'sponsor' you. :?:
  8. Only problem with that is that Flash will sponsor anyone who has a good supply of baby oil and/or is very flexible.

    Seriously though, I think this is a good idea, that would work & isn't too difficult to administer.


  9. Ok people this will not happen as:

    # Too difficult to administer
    # Some members would be upset at being excluded
    # HQ have said so

    - End of -
  10. Be careful what you ask for.................