A Weasal of Politicians and other Collective Nouns


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Done already, but can't find it. Good game though.

A Postulating Pestilence of Parking Attendants
An abundence of walts
Apparently we're known as 'a bitch of radiographers'!! How about a 'harlot of nurses'? A 'pleb of doctors'?


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A Twiglet of Gwars
Minnie_The_Minx said:
A Shed of ARRSEr's lol
OI...don't tar us all with the 'cantankerous old bloke' brush!!!

I think a 'sarcasm of ARRSEr's' is much more apt, or a 'piss-take of ARRSEr's'
A Gop of Scouse chicks.
A 'tard of Manchester chicks.
A Beethoven of Gunners.
A Klub of Pharoes.
A spanking of arrsers!

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