A Way to Spend Our Tax Money

Dear Ruth Kelly, minister for something or other, has apologized for spending my tax money on a lurid piece of Liarbour Party propaganda. She is reported to have said that this expenditure was 'a mistake'.

Mistake my arse! Opus Dei - Opus Arsei more like.

Is there not one single politician in Westminster who is totally honest?


Book Reviewer
Clicky please - and not some silly picture of her thigh bleeding from the application of the cilise . . . or second thoughts . . .
Ah, but didn't you read the bit about where she realised it had been 'a mistake' and that 'lessons had been learned'? That she'd 'put in place procedures' to make sure it 'didn't happen again'?

Don't you realise that makes it all right, now?

Sometimes you people can be sooooo off message...

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