A Wave of anti-semitism in the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. The highest total of anti-Semitic incidents in one day was recorded on January 16 - the day after Israeli shells were reported to have struck a UN aid compound in Gaza.

    Foreign Office minister Ivan Lewis said: “We simply cannot tolerate those who seek to use foreign conflicts to justify racism and criminal acts against any UK citizen.

    What is the reverse called ? When Jew's attack other people ?
  2. KGB - it's the Daily Express - the 'World's Worst Newspaper', reporting research from the Community Security Trust, a Jewish organisation empowered to protect the Jewish community in the UK from attacks.

    Any attack of this kind is appalling and must be roundly condemned. But it's a shame that it's left to the likes of the CST to phone a crap newspaper about it in order to get a story. I bet the Express was the last call on their researcher's list.

    But .... beware of spin.

    It suits the CST to talk the numbers up.
  3. Don't go attacking the CST. They only exist because of this sort of nonsense.
  4. Mate, I agree the Daily Hate is not the best newspaper. However


  5. Leave the Tottenham Cowboys out of it Uncle Joe.
  6. I'm not attacking them, WB. But, as you say, "they only exist because of this sort of nonsense".

    All I'm saying is - bear that in mind.