A warrior of two nations??? (In his Dreams)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ANZMI, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. A bloke wearing a dazzling array of medals is featured on the Australian Wannabe web site ANZMI. See him here burchell The Australian Medals are all fakes and was wondering about the Brit Medals, especially the MM and second MiD. He claims long and arduous service in the British Army. If his UK medals are true, it was indeed a sad loss when the Australian Army discharged him as being unsuitable to be a soldier.

    Any help on sorting his Brit service out will be much appreciated and delivered to the world to show him as a Walt and Wannabe of two Nations.

  2. Do you know which Regiments or Corps he claims to have served with in the British Army? He's wearing a GSM with MID, South Atlantic Medal with Rosette, Gulf War I with no rosette (which seems odd if he claims to have won the MM in Iraq) and and LSGC (15 years' service). It's not a common mixture of British medals, but not unknown. I am sure that if you could find which units he claims to have been with, his British Army credentials could be checked very easily.
  3. He's wearing a Para Regt lapel pin
  4. Blimey you've got good eyesight - missed that one.

    Well Para Regt guys in GW I were rare as rocking horse shit. I can only think of three off the top of my head, only one of those three had a South Atlantic Medal (but he also had a QGM).
  5. Unfortunatley he has never mentioned specific units in the UK. He claims to have earned the MM in Iraq, and also served in Cyprus, Northern Ireland and the Falklands. He is wearing two GSMs - is that possible? His relatives in Australia, claim to have seen photos of him in British Army uniform. Can't find his MM in the London Gazette?
  6. Hootch

    Bloody hell never a soldier was he.
  7. both appear to be GSM 1962, both with clasps - it would be more usual to have one GSM with clasps for whichever action the medal was awarded - one of "his" medals will have clasp Northern Ireland - if the other clasp is Iraq he is wearing the wrong GSM.
    cus13rab.jpg 10455.jpg