A warning on overseas CP offers.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by sillyboy, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Well, (its a long un this!)
    It's very rare I am in serious mode, must be all the early morning dog walking and cosy nights in (shudder). Just a heads up on a chap named D***** B***** who nipped on here (ARRSE) mid to late 2007 looking for lads to jump on a CP job in Afghanistan on the strength of a "you send me your details, ill get you a flight, blah blah". This resulted in a good slagging at young D***** and away he went, I had a PM with him and suggested he rethink his approach and wished him well.
    Alas a few guy's, and more unfortunately a friend of mine who was down on his pennies took Mr B***** up on his offer after he provided a verified RMP det number they could ring which evidently proved that he was at least an operating security company housed in the contractors area near the main gate of KAF.
    After CV's were checked and vetted by the RMP, flights were issued from Brize and the ex 29 Cdo lad and a few others were met at KAF terminal by a short, bald, heavily bearded fat chap with a desi smock sporting chogi shop manufactured brit wings.
    Cut to the chase, the "office complex" was a portacabin with a laptop and a printer, the accomodation was a ship's iso container with windows cut into each side then hessian covered, to house 4 guys and full kit and the armoury of M4's, C8's and Sig Sauer pistols he had promised were infact 2 semi functioning AK47's with Checz bodies and Chinese working parts and a bag of Makarov pistols.
    After a conflab and an assurance that the weapons were en route due to a U.S. Customs delay in paperwork it then became clear that Mr B***** had not been able to provide Condo cards or the relevant shoot to kill cards needed to operate in the AO due to a change over of officer in the required office and this chap was more insistent that the cards were issued correctly, there was also no medical kit of any kind, no trauma packs, IV's, quickclot or even basic lifesaving equipment. After a quick once over of the 3 Toyota Hilux jeeps that Mr B***** had as transport it became apparent this entire job was a non starter.
    At this point my friend opted out with a couple of others and returned home but has since received the following info from the lads who stayed a couple of months, Mr B***** did indeed take receipt of said weapons from the US, Mr B***** told his British employees he had secured a team of parachute trained RGR guys that were inbound from the UK, 2 weeks later 4 Nepalese Army guys showed up with a few blankets and nil english and worked at the Australian Met station to the rear of KAF on a 12 on 12 basis 7 days a week for 3 months in an Afghan winter (a job some of the brit guys did). He paid quite handsomely by all accounts and had a good relationship with the then (RAF) Force Protection Commander who he had conveniently sold himself to as ex '23', and that all the guys on his teams were ex Poole/Hereford ect ect.
    D***** B***** disappeared soon after, owing guys many thousands of pounds and leaving a team of lads with no ticket home, knowing he had lost all contracts due to incompetance and bad management, he booked himself a one way seat to Brize, emptied the safe, destroyed all filing, left the weapons in pelican boxes for the lads to dispose of and vanished. He is also being pursued by certain authorities in relation to the theft and extortion of monies belonging to a Turkisk construction firm operating in KAF and has recently tried, AGAIN to recruit lads to join him on his many travels !
    D***** has resurfaced, in good faith it seems he is a hairs breadth from joining the AAC or may well be in, I know of a few lads who would love to say hello again !
    Not sure of the relevance of this epic saga but just keep your heads on when accepting the work, be it CP or Projects/Facilities ect.
  2. Picture would be nice?...as you can see, i'm in the illustrious Corps
  3. May be possible Blob, also he MUST be traceable because of his issued cards whilst in theatre, its all centrally kept and issued from a dedicated personnel processing team on site, he arrived early 07 with the aforementioned Turkish firm as their in-situ CP operator but remained in KAF as an operating firm gaining contracts with the Australian Defence
    Was also Green Howards from 1991 - 1995 judging by documentation seen in the office by one of the lads.
    The guy is a dangerous liability and needs pinging.
  4. I seem to be missing a few points here. :?

    If there is a legal action against the person how did he pass the basic vetting checks to join the AAC.
    If he is traceable who is doing the tracing

    (a) Go to the AAC Training Depot or check the records of those who go by the name of Daniel Butler have just passed out. :D
    (b)If he joined at 16 then he would be 33 minimum and a pretty old recruit so would not be hard to recognise.

    Not a dig or anything personal, just curious

  5. Im agreed mate, just trying to flag up this kind of potential problem, the legal action is not UK initiated and I dont have any further info, it isnt a concerted witch hunt per sey but just making people aware. The guys a c*nt, he fed a tall story to a few lads with little other going on and left them high and dry, just a face to watch out for, christ I must be getting old ill be leaving orange peel on my veg patch for cats and sending anonymous letters to the council about the "long haired chap" at 25 with a loud exhaust !
  6. Hi Reni,
    Good advise mate to the un-annisiated bretheren.
    Im in KAF at the moment and am looking to track down some CP contacts for a friend etc.
    Would RMP be a good POC to follow?

    Devil :twisted:
  7. Just check, check and check again mate, stick to the big firms and you wont need to touch base with the RMP's.
  8. Lads & lasses, I thought that this sort of shindig was made illegal after the Angola fiasco in the mid-'70s. Basically, if you are going anywhere hot and sandy on CP work (or any other contract work), make sure that you have a return ticket before you go, rather than a vague promise (which is, I believe, a legal right) and pay and accomodation details IN WRITING.

    As mentioned before, stick with the big boys, who will employ agents incountry to deal with local 'difficulties'. Remember, the only person who is guaranteed to look after you is you - the poor b*stards in Angola were abandoned by their 'recruiter' and most ended up on the wrong side of an MPLA firing squad.
  9. It's a very sticky wicket mate, guys who are already in country can effectively set up from where they are if they snare a contract, accomodation, weapons and vehicles are easily sourced and so on and so on. BUT with all types of work in the sandpits, if you are with large reputable companys you have to complete a full tax year, ie, if you rock up in May 2009 on an overseas contract you are effectively stuck until April 2011 before you officially tax exempt, this is classed as your full tax year, April to April, this was quoted to me by the Inland Revenue, a lot of the overseas employers conveniently forget to tell people this although its advisable to get a face to face with (A) the taxman and (B) a certified accountant before packing your kit and shipping out, an Armourgroup lad who was in Iraq for 10 months was in a wagon hit by an IED and nearly lost his right leg, he has been on the biff since and has been receiving pretty handsome cheques from the insurance company, bagged himself a new house, bought one "buy to let", nice fancy new 4 x 4 and his letterbox has just flapped with a suprise £40,000 tax bill ! Just be careful all viewers !

    "And next on the show we have Judy, Judy is 16 and has been fellating her neighbours dog for 2 years, come on out Judy"
  10. Cheers Matey.. :lol:
  11. reni If you need this individuals previous service checked I could help. I served with 1 Green Howards during them times and keep close ties to that regiment. PM me if you want
  12. Defo mate,

    Ill get as much info as I can together and PM you.

    Cheers !
  13. reni

    Have put the feelers out. The name certainly doesn't ring a bell. I'll keep you informed