A warning for those walters out there

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muzzleflash, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. If you find that entertaining, you might want to google "anzmi" and find out how widespread this is.
  2. One of the firearms boards I'm on has a bit of a running gag on threads where the members have encountered such persons. The term is 'Space Shuttle Door Gunner'. And no, I can't tell you about it. It's classified.

    Out of interest, is it illegal to claim to have a VC in the UK? It's not illegal to claim an MOH here, just illegal to wear it.

  3. What a weird tale. I must be more naive that I thought for although I can see that wearing some uniform, sticking oin a few medals, etc. is a good way of engaging in fraud (as did the woman in the Telegraph story and many of the Ealing comedy criminals) the ANZMI bit appeared to be aimed at those who could legitimately wear medals plonking toy store medals alongside as well as out and out frauds.

    I assumed that walts were the same people who came into my gun club and used to have orgasms over photographs of whatever weapon they might see in a magazine lying around (never heard "Wow, look at that a Henry Martini action though ") - we knew they were destined to leave the club having never become members nor touched any of our toys. I thought walts just wanted soldering without commitment, training and action. We've had many in my Cadet service experience (PONTI is the usual designation) who have dpm down to the underpants, read everything and can set up a kill zone with trip and shellbursts five minutes after you arrive at a night ex. I have met people whose war stories conflicted with what I knew but have charitable never thought of out and out deceit - told you I was naive.

    Obviously there's more to Walts that I ever realised, or probably still do!

  4. The bit I am most excited aboyt is the introduction of the "Stolen Valour Act" - it must be a massive problem over there for them to go to those lengths.

    Although it is not illegal in the UK to wear medals and all that, the brass neck of someone to claim to be a VC if they are under 50 and not Johnson Beharry would defy belief!
  5. More neck than a giraffe

  6. But I'll bet some bugger has considered it.
  7. It might be reasonable to have a 'Stolen Valour Act' type of legislation here in the UK to protect the reputation of those who has served in uniform from walts.
    There are one or two of them who make serving and ex-service personnel look bad. IMHO :lol:

  8. From that news story.
    Was it really because he didn't get his heels together or was it the name that first roused his suspicion? :D
  9. i quite like the bit about her just popping to the iraq for the weekend after class on thursday afternoons. This started to arouse the suspiscions of the campus police chief, obviously a switched on lad :p
  10. I spoke to my brother on the phone a few weeks ago and he said he had never seen so many SAS and Commando berets on last years armistise parade in Sussex, he said just looking at their "bearing" made him wonder how many of them were Walting it.
    Bloody sad!
  11. Will this be retrospective?

    What about a certain walt who claimed to be on duty with the Texas Air National Guard when he wasn't? :twisted:
  12. It's funny really. Most of the time, we're the embodyment of the devil the public love to hate.
  13. unfortunately there are a few in my Gun club but not as bad as that, lol, it is an observation i have is that , those who have worn the green kits , ie Me, a few others current and ex serving NEVER seem to wear DPM como gear on the range, whereas those who never did wear DPMs even one got an SAS wing on his jacket,
    plenty of rolled eyes about :roll: they are generally harmless and seemed friendly enough just a little naive if you ask me.
  14. But of course, with the gun club you either have to come in bearing a 102 and an introduction from former club or be known by members (especially committee members) to get in. Even then you would never just turn up and shoot as there would be there'd be range safety, local instruction regarding common practices and more beside. Only get to play if it was an inter-club thing and that would be pre-arranged.

    The problem with Waltdom is that that people talk a good game because they've read McNab and other manuals of soldiering. A few paperbacks under the belt and 'standby, standby', LUP's, Gimpies and the like are part of the lingua franca. There's no test other than grilling and even then some sound so very convincing to a know nothing like me (but I'm learning!.

    My local newsagent has 'soldier' magazine on the shelf. I asked him if it sold and he reckons he sells about six or seven a month. When the last one came out about three weeks a go, a young (fat) bloke came in with Lowas, S95 and the like and got one from behind the counter where it was saved for him. I assumed that he must be part of the ATR locally and was amazed to find this week that he works for the council as a gravedigger with parks and leisure. He even drives a Land Rover. Now to the ordinary bod on the street he's part of the Army and therefore what he does is judged on that basis.

    Now don't know what sort of game he can talk (only met one and he alluded to having to leave after being injured somewhere he couldn't speak of - wasn't sure of that was a location or place on his body he appered to be speaking from) but doubtless Silvermans and others make a fortune out of him. Shame really, could get it for free a couple of miles away and get paid to wear it.