A Walting Walt post...........

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thegimp, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. Sorry but i need to start a post about walts outing walts, I have no doubt this is happening in loads of threads

    are you a walt outing walts? sign up here, are you a weirdo just making shoite up post here

    Airsofter not sure of the "Provenance" of a fellow big timing colleague post here

    AI wanting to walt an AI

    roll up roll up

    No doubt straight to the arrsehole but hey ho
  2. Had to spell check provenance BTW
  3. Yeah, straight to the arsehole. Thats because you seem to equate AI with walt. Thereby implying all AIs are walts.

    Good ACF AIs are instructors who teach what they have been taught by the ACF.Who teach what the ACF book says and little else, unless its relevant or useful to cadets.

    ACF walts rarely teach anything, and always seem to slip away when any work needs to be done or training delivered to the cadets, but are centre stage when there is a chance to swing the lantern. They don't last long, but there always seems to be another along in a moment or two.

    The quality of Walting is at an all time low these days. Even the cadets ping them for what they are in no time at all. We can thank the internet for that.

    If you really want to get the Walts, you need to encourage the good ACF AIs as your close recce, as each one of them can probably designate you a high value target for your anti-walt missile.
  4. Is that poacher turned game keeper then??
  5. Sort of. But I.ve never claimed to have been on the balcony and I don't know why there are so many who do. I've done a few dangerous and even worthy things in service of HM Govt but none of those were in the forces.

    Here's one I designated earlier. Still waiting for the package to be delivered.

  6. Are you a walt?
  7. Without a fecking doubt, You?
  8. Of course, that way they cant try and out me.
  9. I'll see your walt and raise you two Legion of Frontiersmen!
  10. I'll see you and raise you two ACF AI's (Not the good ones, the dodgy ones)
  11. I trained the second man in through the embassey seige