A walt for all seasons - Gotti the return (New Zealand)

Seems he has risen again...

This time him and his wife have duped a young man (who despite working continually seems broke) in to moving to New Zealand (how Halliday/Gottis has managed this is a slight mystery as he is unskilled and his wife is disabled (hardly top of the welcome migrants list).

The story goes that they have inherited a house and rather a lot of money.

A you thinking what I'm thinking?

Anyone want to put a call into the New Zealand High commission and let them know what is coming their way....oh hang on maybe a good excuse to get rid of the window licker from the UK, the Kiwis can have him:)

He is now saying he is the son of Herbert Westmacott (not Richard) but who was also killed by PIRA.
The Kiwi's don't feck about..........if he bullsh*t's some Maori guy he certainly won't do it twice. Good straight-talking people who don't take well to waltish types.
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