A walk in the woods, Was it suicide?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exsniffer, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. "Unusually, no coroner's inquest was held into his death."

    "The only official verdict has come from the Hutton Inquiry, commissioned by Tony Blair, which concluded that Dr Kelly, 59, died from loss of blood after cutting his wrist with a blunt gardening knife."

    Blair sent hundreds of troops to die based on a lie, what would be one more life to the lying, corrupt traitor?
  2. There has never really been a great deal of doubt that he didn't top himself.
    The attending Paramedics, five seperate coroners and various discrepancies with the corpse all say it didn't happen as the inquiry told us it did.
    Its no secret that I have long expressed the opinion Dr Kelly was murdered. There will be no inquest, especially not an honest one, after all that would have to delve into the small mattter of who kiled/ had him killed wouldn't it?
  3. Unfortunately it is one of the situations where no matter what the result/decision of a fair inquest it will not please/satisfy everybody. It does appear to be spurious at best the way the inquest was avoided, so for the sake of his family I think it should be held, but I feel the current powers will do their best to delay until they are gone.
  4. A whitewash???

    Surely if he slashed his wrists it would have been a red-wash?

    I shall now slink off and await incoming.......
  5. Tony Blair has now found GOD, it is the worst kind of coward who hids in religion
  6. i never liked bliar from the minute i saw him! His perpetual hand motions appeared to be at odds with what he was lying about...........
    So much blood on his hands :cry:
  7. Well if that be so then he should put his hand on the bible and swear an oath that he did not lie about it or anything else, thereby risking damnation in the warm place
  8. He'll probably convert to Islam thus allowing him to find some satanic verse in his defence.
  9. Blair has only found the True Faith after leaving No 10. :wink: :D However, he was a C of E* "God botherer" all the time his government was pushing through various policies that were at odd with the principal tenets of Christian teaching.

    * C of E = Christmas, Other Feastivals & Easter
  10. Do you think the wide mouth frog will allow that, then again her in a Islamic dress will hide the grin away
  11. In every cloud....
  12. Did think that as I typed it
  13. I dunno about you, but he has always reminded me of a student union politician, and I personally absolutely loath those useless knobbers. Over the course of a couple of degrees (I'm now of course working on something completely different to what these were in), I had as little to do with student politics as possible, apart from once watching the leader of Aberystwyth's Labour Group verbally shoot himself in the foot more times than I have ever seen someone do before or since.

    However, what I have seen has convinced me that student politics is exactly the wrong place to be recruiting future politicians from; the students are by turns petty, incompetent, fraudulent, self-serving, ineffectual and complete arrseholes to deal with.