A Walk in the Snow

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GeorgeMaciver, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Enjoyed a great day out in the hills today and thought some of you would enjoy seeing a few piccies.







  2. wow where is this?....i am thinking of heading up rivington pike (PRESTON) tomorrow, apparently its white up there aswell....
  3. It's the Highlands of Scotland. That's Loch Brora, Sutherland, in the first piccie, which I drove by on the way.
  4. Nice pics George. I was up the highlands in January taking part in the hind cull. Very nice part of the world.

    If you are going up rivvy mate. The best bet is to go thru Chorley and head for Bolton on the back road and it's then signposted.

    A good walk up to the mast, and round the reservoir.

    Cheers N_W.
  5. well i have been told of a good route from white coppice over to rivvy...about 10 mile. Nothing better to do on a day off so!
  6. Hind cull huh? Great stuff. The deer where I go are so used to me I can sometimes get to within 100 yards of them before they leg it. Quite a few in this herd today.

  7. George - were you heading towards Rogart / Lairg or were you heading further North?
    It was rather spooky seeing Loch Brora (and the Carol Rock) on this website. My grandfather was Head Keeper on that estate - it was the 1st place I fished, shot and many other great things as a kid. The last time I was up there was 2004, when my grandmother passed away. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  8. Aye mate. Was up there with the sniper platoon :D the beasties didn't stand a chance!!

    Bagged 70+ in 4 days :D
  9. Hi Mr C. These pics were taken on the hills behind Gordonbush and Balnacoil. I went to school up here so might even have known your Grandfather if he was around in the 70's. My Grandfather was a Head Keeper too, on the Creed Estate over in Lewis. Never met the guy though.
  10. Wow, that's some going. I was shown the jaw bone of an old hind recently and you could see where her back teeth had all but disintegrated. Much better to shoot them than allow them to die of hunger up there in Winter. Good job.
  11. White coppice is a good jaunt mate.

    Anywhere over that part, Brinscall etc etc is a good walk.

    Rivvy is a good walk as is anywhere near top lock!!

    Good boozer near top lock.


    Cheers N_W.
  12. Can we have a "Shots of England" thread?

  13. Nice piccie. Is that a speed camera?
  14. What, that thing that looks like a roadsign?
  15. Must be there to make fortunes from all heavy rush hour traffic eh?