Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by recce-cpl, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. Just out of interest who would be interested in an arrse booze up in Cardiff around christmas time ? Tis the season to be jolly etc etc . I need at least 30 arrsers to attend just in case ''sniper'' turns up with his misses to slot me like a rag head . Anyway Cardiff is a top night out (and i am from Swansea ) . Maybe meet up on a saturday afternoon and unlike Salisbury we will carry on until we either pull, get arrested , run out of money or its daylight again .Any way answers on a postcard to Blue peter , bbc house , whoops sorry . Just leave a post here , Ranger Danger is banned , (she knows why )
  2. Cardiff? I'd rather go on the pish in Terhan dressed as a Rabbi.
  3. yeah that would be great everyone could come and watch me put you through the window in the prince of wales.
  4. go play with your crayons little boy
  5. Would a gog be welcome in South Wales?
  6. You talking to me, mo(n)gz??
  7. it has come to my attention that most of you on here are sad, single middle aged men with nothing better to do that sit at a pc s**t stiring. i feel sorry for the lot of you truely sorry. the only reson why im on here is cos im on tour in northern ireland and basicly aint got nothing better to do. when im home i got a life i dont sit with my head in a pc all night you really do need to get a life.

    RECCE as for your pi.ss up why you trying to orginise that is it because you aint got no freinds. And why carrdiff if your from swansea. swansea is a much better night out than cardiff. is it because you get madE fun of and beat up in swansea and you dont want the arrsees to see u look like a c**t.
  8. Well go away then you tit.

  9. yup...

    i'm a fat bald sad loanly (sp) old man :lol:

    funniest thing i heard in ages
  10. Good god it’s hard to try and ignore mogz, illiterate doesn’t even begin to describe this chav.

    recce-cpl, work out a date and I’ll try and be there.
    If “sniper” turns up, I’ll be one of the first to laugh at him :D
  11. You can count me in recce-cpl :lol:
  12. I reckon I could give it a whirl. I am a sad middle aged blerk (now) but not single, is this acceptable? It has been difficult keeping the belly laughs under control with all my true blue civilian collegues sat around me.

    Have you noticed that mo(n)g has suddenly gone on a NI tour? Sure his burberry-clad sweetie was with him the other day? I shall watch BBC online with an eagle eye to see if there is a sudden rise of "players" being "slotted"
  13. After a few years of living in swansea I to my shame have only made it to cardiff once for a good boozefest. Can't remember a damn thing other than waking up in detroit under a bunk in an otherwise empty room.

    Still one of the other guys spewed in the minibus all the way back to bangor. Happy days.

    Sounds fun...
  14. Sorry to disappoint by not fitting the criteria of sad, middle aged, single or a bloke but I am up for it...( (if you will have me) just name the date recce
  15. So any closer to deciding a date? Just so i can make sure it will fit in with my hectic social life

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.