A violent New Year?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Werewolf, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Maths was never my strong point, but I believe there has been the equivelent of at least one Murder per day so far this year.

    Is this "normal"?
  2. Its a statistical fluke as we all know crime is down thanks to labour.
  3. Of course! How silly of me! :roll:
  4. Except, of course, for crimes committed by Labour.
  5. yes and the biggest crime committed by this labour government is the betrayal of the british people and the country being sold out to cheap foreign labour and islam.three million british jobs have been lost to foreign workers,labour should hang their heads in shame ! "Never in the field of human politics has so much been given away, by so few ,to so many foreigners!"
  6. There were 765 murders in 2005 (those are the most recent figures I can find) so if the current percieved rate of one violent death a day continues we can expect a positively miraculous drop in the murder statistics.
  7. You see? Bliar and Broon were right all along. vote labour you know it makes sense.
  8. There's probably been a few that haven't warranted making the news either, you know white heterosexual male homeless people and the like, so it's probably more.

    But hey according to our masters you've never had it so good. Safe as houses britain, you could leave your door open and walk around in a suit made of fivers.
  9. Fcuk's sake. Makes you proud to be British... 8O
  10. ^ and there just the ones that have been reported.
  11. And the answer is......... . . .?

    let's start with "Life meaning LIFE"!

    Prisons being places where you EARN the rights by HARD work and respect!

    Proper sentencing, so the victim feels the system is supporting them and not the poor bloody prisoner and their so-called families.

    The Youth Justice System run by EX members of the Para Reg RM's and those with both a mean streak and the ability to back it up!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the list is endless, so is the problem!! :evil:
  12. It could be a lot worse. Check out some of the other countries :


    I'm not sure that tougher sentencing, prison conditions etc. would make much of a difference when it comes to murder: if someone's in the state of mind where they're willing to kill someone I think they're probably past the point where they can be 'reasoned with' in that manner.
  13. Tom, you have hit one nail on the head, "State of Mind" and those in our prison system who have Mental Health problems!

    How can those who are ill be treated in a normal prison, where there are drugs free of charge flooding in from the street, as this government keep telling us, Drug Problem = Mental Health Problem, however what are they doing about it, as usual Sod All!!

    And I'm sure that the Home office quote such figurse when they are asked all the embarrasing questions about why so many murders?
    Then WHY so my SUICIDES is prison?

    As I said the list and causes are endless, unless someone and SOON gets tough on "Crime and the causes of Crime, only TEN years and still waiting!!

  14. Seconded. :evil:
  15. The way in which crime data is represented renders the figures wholly inaccurate, and dependent upon how one wishes to portray the data, different statistics are used to fool the public.

    There are basically two sets of statistics representing crime in Britain.

    The British Crime Survey.

    The Police’s own figures.

    The British Crime Survey is based on asking members of the public about crimes in which they have been the victim.

    Victims of murders, for example, cannot respond to surveys, and so do not show up in the figures.

    Crimes committed against institutions (e.g. businesses), rather than individuals, are also omitted.

    Victimless crimes, such as drug use are overlooked by the British Crime Survey.

    The method in which the data is collected thus distorts the statistics, restricting their value.

    The police figures are, in many ways, just as unsatisfactory.

    They only reflect reported crime only, meaning that only a fraction of the more minor crimes committed make it in.

    Subsequently any change in people’s willingness to report crimes will be indistinguishable from a change in the number of crimes committed.

    Add to this the fact that the way in which crimes are classified has changed over time, and it becomes clear that the numbers can be misleading. Knife crime and stabbings are an example in point. The 2001 statistics show number to be either 60,000 or 22,000 depending on which set of statistics is used and under what criteria the crime is placed under.

    For these reasons and more, crime statistics cannot be taken at face value.

    Just goes to show how different statistics are used to portray different political agendas.