A village full of spackers!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bullet Sponge, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. On MoreFour right now. I shit you not, an entire village full of mongs.

    They even have a web site:

    Mongy Village Web Site

    Who's up for a road trip? :lol:
  2. You've not been to Lydd then?
  3. They have a weekly disco too.

    Some of them appear to have learnt the squaddie shuffle.
  4. Are you talking about my village? got one 3 doors down a special home full of therm across the bowling green and a dribbler who lives next to that. Not forgetting the one with teeth like a patrol who fcuking honks of BO and always tries to pester you whilst out walking the dogs :lol:
  5. I love your village, it must be ace. I bet you never get bored. :)
  6. Your right got to watch the one 3 dors down though hes a 40/50 year old mong and i reckon a bit tasty (always trying to wallop the dog) Failing that just sit back and watch the locals punch sh1te out of each other at chucking out time ....who needs sky!
  7. You've just reminded me about this. Isn't the beeb doing a program about a man and his pet mong holidaying around the globe? Caught an ad for it a few weeks back but havn't seen anything about it since, looked like it was being serious either that i'm imagining things again :lol:
  8. They going to allow the inhabitants to breed then?

    Endless years of fun....going downhill generation after generation.

    May even be able to create a new species of spacker.
  9. on
    They already ran that experiment, the result is called America (I should know I now live there)
  10. Well, the nothing wrong with a village full of spackers!

    Just where the fcuk do you think 9/12 Lancers recruit from!
  11. Bullet Sponge, when you left your village did they miss their idiot? :D
  12. My village misses its, but Blair won't take the job!
  13. Excellent. If I ever sire a fish-head and need to be rid of it, now I know where to pull over the car and turf it out! Thanks, lads.Exile on mong street
    , ooohhh yyeeeeaahhh!
  14. Say what you want but i bet the night life's good and the girls are always willing.
  15. fantastic - an ideal opportunity to launch my Baloon and Ice cream emporium