A village for sex offenders....

We could the same thing using Rockall.


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I remember hearing about a Chubby Brown gig a few years back around the time of the Cleveland peadophile affair.......

He looked out at the packed audience and said, "Eee, I wasn't expecting such a good crowd tonight. I thought you'd all be home, shagging your kids."


There's never a Paveway handy when you need one...
Patience. They aren't going anywhere, so in these austere times you've got to make ordnance count. Wait til a few of them are there innit?[video=youtube;VU7cTfdxOkY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU7cTfdxOkY[/video]
Has to be the best quote I've read in ages.
From the article.

The only thing we miss is the kids, and the school bus don't come here no more."

That made me laugh!

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