A victory for us British!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. A small but significant victory for the UK - (I hate the EC - shitters)

    Still not far enough though, bring back Imperial weights and measures on all our groceries etc I say (are you listening Mr Cameron?) - all my recipe books are in lbs & ozs!! Bloody infuriating this modern metric bollox!

  2. Ahh, but a somewhat Pyrrhic victory I fear.

    There is still law on the statute books that allows the Trading Standards people to prosecute those using imperial measures.

    So while the EU (Shitters :D ) say "It's not me insisting on the change Guv" the trading standards people say "We're only enforcing the law as it stands".

    I await with baited breath the repeal of the measures and weights law - or whatever it is called. I doubt they will find parliamentary time for it though. Too many pay rises to vote for!
  3. Trading standards do not prosecute for using imperial measure, rather for not being able to weight in metric as well, and I believe that is what the EU is accepting as the norm for the UK that we can keep on using imperial but metric is available for all if required.
  4. I like what we have now. Mix of Metric and Imperial. Definitely a better system than the Americans have. Outright Imperial, are they mad... what the bloody hell is Fahrenheit and how can you measure things accurately with Feet and Inches...
  5. Well I am 5' 8'', its been accurate enough for my needs.
  6. A lot of everyday things are a lot easier with imperial units imo. Scientific stuff is easier with metric.
  7. We should bin metric and have imperial only, and could we have the British Empire back as well.
  8. It does make for some eccentric measuring though.

    Getting carpets is one - "yes mate you are gonna need 4foot six of the two metre and 8foot 9 of the 4 metre."

    Very strange race the Brits :)
  9. And opal fruits.
  10. 9 inches or 23 cms?
  11. I say beware, be very aware, of European Soviet Union apparatchiks (unelected and unaccountable) being pleasant to Great Britain.

    Masked by this statement maybe the fact that they have passed by diktat another dozen or so instruments that are against our best interests.
  12. You'll soon be telling us that we need a referendum on the EU Constitution, err, I mean treaty and giving up our seat on the UN Security Council is a bad thing.

    How can you possibly be suspicious of an organisation that paid Idi Amin and Colonel Gadaffi to design the rank insignia for the forthcoming Euro army? LINK

    I can't be the only person that thinks renaming all European army ranks to their German equivalent is a good idea, even though this failed when it was last tried from 1939 to 1945s. Hang on. What's that noise? Sounds like something spinning in my granddad's grave.

    IMHO giving a lance corpral in the Euro army more stripes than a corporal demonstrates the type of commitment to diversity and equality that is to be encouraged in the armed forces. As for the Navy - midshipmen, officer cadets and Admirals of the Fleet - who needs these ranks in the modern age?

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
  13. That's all very well, but does a Oberststabsfieldwebel have to salute a CW2, and is an air force Feldwebel the equivalent of an army Oberfieldwebel?

    We should be told!
  14. My bold. I think that the linked page is wrong as obergefreiter is (I believe) a Lance Jack and unteroffizier is a Full Screw. Still think the EU is tonk though.
  15. Well... that's saved me typing it!