A victory for common sense?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    I think so:

    NHS cash crisis bars knee and hip replacements for obese

    The first evidence that financial problems in the NHS are forcing trusts to ration operations came yesterday with an announcement that overweight people in East Anglia will be denied replacement joints, even if they are in serious pain.

    East Suffolk primary care trusts said patients will no longer be considered for hip and knee replacements at Ipswich hospital if they have a body mass index of more than 30, the clinical definition of obesity.


  2. A good idea, but surely in this pc age they will just get sued/forced to provide the right treatment? Or they'll be some sort of obese walk on Downing Street (ooh the irony).
  3. Does that mean if you are a bloater you get let off national insurance contributions? If so allows more funds for Pizza Hut!

    What next no treatment for lung cancer cos you smoke?

    No treatment for skin cancer cos you sunbathe on holiday?

    No treatment for food poisoning because you've eaten a kebab on sat night lash up?

    Seriously this is just an excuse to cover poor financial management in the Trust in question. It would be interesting to now what star rating they received.
  4. Or it might be a way to get the fatties to lose weight.
  5. I would rather hope that spurios operations like sex changes, cosmetic surgery, etc got the chop first. (Excuse the pun)
  6. Bloaters = Easy Target ( in more ways than 1!)

    But how long before the faceless tree huggers get round to you and decide that what you do, that makes you ill, is self inflicted and leave you to suffer to save some dosh to pay for a management consultant's S class Merc?.

    Divide and ?
  7. I don't smoke, I drink moderatly, I don't spend too long in the sun at noon. I am not overweight, in fact I'm in prime physical form, and I keep myself that way. They're not going to pin anything on me. :D
    I do understand what you are saying though. But then again, if an illness is self-inflicted surely it's your fault? If you've been warned that if you continue that you will need treatment or you will die, and you choose to continue. Do you deserve the treament?
  8. Have any of the t*ssers considered the possibility that these people are over-weight because they can't get enough exercise as their knee/hips hurt when they move?
  9. Hope you never get injured in a traffic accident then. It has been proven that driving/being a passenger in a motor vehicle is dangerous.
    Eye sight getting a bit worse as you age? (It will happen) Must have been all that TV you watched.

    Knees/back getting a bit knackered? Shouldn't have carried all them bergans around tne.

    Sorry no help for you as it is all your own fault.
  10. Unfortunately this covers two different topics both popular with arrse members




    I believe both to be true

    On a similar theme is George best dead yet

  11. Has anybody considered their knees and hips are fcucked because they are fcking fat

  12. Steven-
    Touche. I do get exactly what you're saying and that is a fair point. It highlights the question of where you would draw the line if this sort of thing got out of hand.
  13. I do find it hard to understand why people continue on a course of action knowing it will be harmful to them and perhaps they need shocking out of their habit.

    The problem is those that propose these plans are after making a quick financial fix to cover their own inadequacy and divert the problem away from investigation into their financial incompetence to an easy target.

    Not every nhs trust is poorly run just some, check the star ratings.

    ok stop obese people from receiving nhs treatment, but then you should refund that part of their NI conts. that goes to the nhs.

    This reminds me a bit of the suggestion that motorists should be charged for travelling on motorways when they already pay for that through road tax.

    Also, an extreme analogy, but in Nazi Germany they started with the Jews, then the half Jews, then those related to Jews then the non Germans in the end there was no one left to complain for fear their group would be next.
  14. Who is resposible for the 40% of 22yr service leavers who have a heart condition within 12 months of leaving?

    Mr Bliar hasn't missed out on that one - hence the change to pensions!!
  15. Draw the line at the money being wasted on proping up PFI deals, management consultants, pointless IT systems, hospital consultants spending half their working hours on private practices, foreign patients.