A Very Strange Sight

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Green_Goblin, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Today whilst shopping in a town near Salisbury I saw a very strange sight, one which I have never encountered before. Stood before was a gentleman in CS95, boots and a No2 Dress peaked cap. At first I thought it was an Officer (as we all know that they can dress very bizarrely), however, out of curisoity I got closer and to my astonishment the individual concerned was a WO2. Without wanting to insult the RA and their codes of dress, he looked a complete chopper!

    Is this a recognised code of dress within the RA?
  2. The WO2 in question was a member of Gunnery staff and was dressed correctly as per Royal Artillery Dress Regulations !!
  3. It wasn't you was it Mastergnr?

    That answers that question...but it did look very strange! Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Nope.....not me.....I'm not a WO2
  5. Surely you have insulted the RA with that comment!
  6. No he seems to have a described a lot of SMIG's to a tee!

    ........Dons tin hat and starts digging!
  7. You wanna dig in and rivet. And may i suggest overhead protection MM

  9. OK then.....let's open a can of worms. What do we think of the Gunnery staff? and why do we think that? What should we do to change the staff?

    I for one, in my many dealings with Close support SMIGs (mainly GTT support to the Regiment) have found them to be professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They have been proactive and completely onside, unlike the SMIGs of 15 years ago, who, I agree were tw*ts.

    Let the torrent begin!!
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I can remember at Batus when a No 1 was having a bad day, it was obvious there was a swinger and the SMIG said the rounds are safe let him carry on, he will learn from his mistake! He could have saved the Bdr and his famiy a £1000 and a regimental Entry :cyclopsani:
  11. If the round was safe........the SMIG was well within his rights to say nothing. Did the GLSC not pick up the mistake?

    The No 1 was having a bad day?? hmmmmmmm

    Maybe not the most popular decision made, but the SMIG was by the book.
  12. I used to deal with the SMIG's and IG's back in the 80's. When i was on the Gn Position I always found the SMIG's a pretty quiet bunch. They never had to say much, just a look or a nod was enough.

    The IG's when i was on the OP's was a different matter altogether. I've seen young FOO's in tears with some of these. They used to give them a torrid time. I worked with one in particular quite often.........

    Cut 20 odd years later and the company i work for was being taken over. Guess who was in charge of the takeover bid.....the IG himself. He was just as bad (if not worse) when he was here. I recognised him straight away and after a chat about old times and old FOO's we hit it off big time. Glad though, he was a ruthless tw*t as a civvy too.
  13. During a night occupation on Winklershohe back in the early 90's, a SMIG loomed out of the fog and whispered loudly,

    "Is this 40 Fd Radar Troop?"

    "No", I said and moved away to leave him stumbling around in the gloom whispering for help.

    I think he is still there, bless him!
  14. God help us if you ever do decide to go waspy on the Royal regiment and its dress policy!