A very strange e-mail

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. I got this rather bizarre e-mail, which was all in bold to boot. Since the original is in Finnish, I strongly suspect it’s because of the wholly complimentary comments I made about Jimbo Shortt’s vid. Anybody fancy taking fabdel_055@yahoo.com up on her offer?

    Tere, minu armas kallis sõber,
    Minu nimi on Fatima, üks noor tüdruk, easy going, aus, hooliv, viisakas, tagasihoidlik, armastav, rahulik ja otsivad täiskasvanud isik, kellel on hea huumorimeel ja armastusest, pigem näeme seda, kuidas
    lõbus, Ma jätsin teate, et võite olla üllatunud, kui sain oma e-posti aadressi, see oli samas surfamise, tegelikult, ma imetles seda ja saadud intressi seda kasutada keskmise suhelda teil seega, palun proovige minuga directlty ülaltoodud e-posti aadress, ma uskusin, saame alustada siit, et saaksime veel meie sõprust ka saata oma pilte otse oma e-posti kasti ja ka
    Autorist lähemalt ise teile oma järgmise vastuse te too.hope kuulda te esmajärjekorras.
    Fatima. app.whitelabeldating.com

    Hello my lovely dear friend,
    My name is fatima,single young girl,an easy going,honest,caring,polite,humble,loving,calm and searching for a mature person with good sense of humor and love,rather seeing it as a way
    of fun,i quit know that you might be surprised how i got your email address,it was while surfing the net,in fact,i admired it and derived interest to use this medium communicate with you therefore,could you please try contact me directlty in the above email address,i believed,we can start from here,so that we can further our friendship including sending my pictures directly to your email box and also
    details more about myself to you on my next reply to you too.hope to hear from you soonest.

    Just the name sort of puts me off, really.

  2. eeeuw visions of Fatima Whitbread wiggling her arrse at the camera....barf!!!
  3. I am just sending off my bank details now.
  4. App is certainly a strange sirname (to me) I'd suggest it is a spambot or somebody after cash. Delete it mate. :)
  5. Has Msr found a date for next years summer ball?
  6. Why?


    Fatima Moreira de Melo
  7. My mate had one almost exactly the same wording sent to him from a bird in Russia. He, feeling adventurous, replied and received some rather nice pics of said lady. The emails went back and forth for about two weeks basically saying that the young lady wanted to visit him in the UK. The crunch came when she asked him to send her £400 for the air fare etc. He told her to do one....they were very nice pics though... :D
  8. Email will be sent from my bosses email address in the morning oh the fun im going to have.
  9. Aye, I believe I'll have a bit of a re-think on that one, Stan. :)

  10. Hey, I got the same one!

  11. And me.... :roll:

    Stuck the "fatima.app.whitelabeldating.com" into t' searchbar, and its apparantly a way to set up your own dating site...

    MDN! We've got a new job for you! :twisted:
  12. You'd have no choice
  13. Willing participant eh? Wait until you meet the real author of those emails - a big russkie pimp bloke. Enjoy!