A very public reply.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by panzerknacker, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Dear 3stripewoodentop,

    Thank you for your PM quoted below.

    My very public reply to you is a simple "Get Fucked".

    Oh yes, "You Anal Fissure".
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  2. Why do I never get any PMs from the sites more interesting members?
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  3. Can you have more than one last warning or is a one and only last warning slightly more of a last warning?
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  4. Is there some story to this that we should be told about?

  5. what the fcuk were you 'warned' for and who the fcuk is 3stripedwoodentop?

    he (and you and i) could be ANYBODY.

    this is the Internet - not Company Office.
  6. We all know you're the gobby crow barrack room lawyer though. With a dribbling erection over 'shirts' you sad cunt.
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  7. She seems to have taken an interest in me which of course is understandable as I'm totally lush, she seems to think I'm gay and I think it may be the screaming homosexual buried deep within itself is burning with a secret hope that I will bury my magnificently proportioned manhood deep into it's Smartie Tube.
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  8. Why is it that the stupid ones on here never seem to get shot?
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  9. Because I'm out now :) And 3stripewoodentop has probably has very probably only got as far as basic training before being found unsuitable for military service.
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  10. huh. i've sent you far more offensive PMs than that and you never outed me.
    you tart
  11. Is this Bugsy back, initial letters are MSG, his old sign off!
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  12. :)
  13. No, but she's French and can run away really fast.
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  14. panz!!!!! your a very naughty boy!!!
  15. He's about the only person crass and stupid enough to sign off with the East German equivalent of Heil Hitler (MSG = Mit Socialistischen Grüsse)