A Very public discussion about Islam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Closet_Jibber, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. What does the vast ARRSE community make of this.

    Egg on your head

    I get the impression that a few more incidents like this where muslims tackle the issues about their religion amongst other muslims (In public) may lead to a greater understanding of Islam.

    I have muslim friends who would argue in this manner everyday with any extremist who sadly do not have access to the media to voice their much more relaxed views on how a muslim could lead his or her life.
  2. I like Baroness Warsi, she seems to always speak sense and not always tow the party line, it remains to be seen what she will be like in government though, only time will tell.
  3. Is it just me or did that look like **** in her hair?
  4. 'Token' minorities - will things ever change?

    'Baroness' - is that the same as 'Baroness' Uddin of cheating fame?
  5. Good on her. Nice to see the quiet majority of Islam in Britain (I hope) being more forthright.
  6. She is far from a token minourity, watch the Nick Griffen question time with her on the panel.

    She is the only panel member that comes out of that well. And she has some refreshing non-pc views.
  7. She can be a lot of a mouth and as has been pointed out some of her views are "interesting" in this modern PC culture. Particular her alleged homophobic tendancies however the point I believe being displayed here is not all Muslims are the 3 headed suicide bombing monsters they're being made out to be.

    I firmly believe that if more debates/arguments such as this one were reported then public opinion may calm down a bit and a few of the Anti Islam hostile types may get off their high horse.

    However this works both ways and Muslim extremists need to calm the feck down too.
  8. Fair enough. I don't live in the UK any more so I tend to pick up on the more prominent news stories rather than the whole picture. (Can't get iPlayer either, so I have to work on memory from a couple of BBC World airings of the Question Time prog).

    But I'm glad that, from what little I have seen of her, that she takes an approach of both moderation and vocality in an arena of debate (Islam) that has almost IMHO been declared out of bounds to those who are not part of it.
  9. Whilst I applaud the actions of the Baroness in general my views differ dramatically from the majority of you who have posted thus far.

    My ex wife of 16 years was bought up in the Muslim/Islamic faith though chose not to practice much to the disappointment of her family. Through contact with her family and relatives I got better insight to Islam than 99% of Brits. Make no mistake they have an agenda. Not all of the radicals scream, shout or blow themselves up. Quietly behind the scenes the Islamic intellectual elite are planning the Islamification of this country it is taking place now and it will take strong goverment or force to stop it.
  10. Seen! Some fairly substantial areas of UK are already under Islamic control.
  11. I have no time for any religion as it implies that some invisible being has dominion over me and should be worshipped accordingly. I believe that if anything, each person is their own God.

    However I must say that most religions seek to convert others to their particular brand of nonsense, in this country it isn't helped by the general apathy of the Christian Church and the drop in attendance. The Islamic stone-agers would have a much harder time if they actually had some opposition. I have seen some obviously weak people get converted (or reverted as it is known) simply because they have nothing else. Someone near me (thankfully soon to be gone before I did something 'orrid) has gone the whole hog, wearing Islamic dress and growing a big (gwar) beard.
  12. Tbh it angers me knowing that woofer829 is correct you dont have to be a suicide bomber to be an extremist, the islamification of britain is happening right now and it is the extremist's plan to create a majority over the native british people and then once they have that,

    thats when the take over will be in full, the sad thing is, by the time we as a nation wake up to this, i imagine it will be too late and we will have no choice in the matter.

    their is already groups protesting against islamic extremists now like the EDL - English defence league.
  13. Pelting Tories with eggs is hardly extreme, now is it?
  14. No you're right, egg throwers are only beaten up and arrested when their victim is a Labour politician. www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XTiI1e-wVc
  15. Riiight. This would be the Islamification of and creating a majority in Britain with the 2.8% of the population that identify themselves as Muslim? Even assuming that some of them fibbed and answered something else - shall we put them down as secret sleeper cells? - and throw in just to pick a random number say two million extra Muslims as illegal immigrants that still only takes them up to roughly 5.5% of the population so they've got something of a job ahead of them instituting the new Islamic Republic and repressing all us Kafirs here in the UK. Hardly the rising tsunami of Islam that's going to sweep away Western civilization.