A very Marked Section

I heard of a REME section that were all called Bob. Vehicles were fixed by Roberts (robots geddit).


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I believe I'm right in saying that Gurkha soldiers taste of Toblerone?
If it was triangular honey from triangular bees, the Kingos were selling you uncut shit.
I suppose a platoon of Johns would be colloquially known as the Johnnies.
Golly, but you're a wag aren't you...

How about this one? Two Aggernons would be 'a pair of cunts'. Three or more and they'd be 'a bunch of cunts'.

That is just soooooo funny I made myself laugh with it. Or perhaps I didn't. Perhaps I just think you are a cunt. Shouldn't you have gone back to school by now?
If all the Marks were in one platoon, were the other platoons full of no-Marks?

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