A very interesting read........Sea Shadow, and the US Naval Ghost Ships

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67er, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. It's always sad to see once proud warship in this state. Having said that, just fifteen miles from me were two breakers' yards which, between them, destroyed more US Naval ships than the Axis. Both yards had retail sales outlets for bits and pieces of interest and my really big purchase was an 1800 pound safe from an aircraft carrier.

    I once dressed in grubbies, put on a hardhat and walked through one yard during lunch hour and boarded one of two LSTs (Landing Ship Tank) which were in the queue to be scrapped. Spent a couple of hours on board then slipped away without being spotted. I do wish I'd had a camera with me.
  2. Ravers

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    That's cool as fuck.

    One night on a drunken ramble through Pompey docks, myself and an oppo climbed onboard the Invincible while she was mothballed. Using our mobile phones as torches we spent about an hour on the ship exploring and trying to find decent stuff to liberate. It was pretty awesome being the only people on such a massive ship in the middle of the night.
  3. and then you dry-bummed him right?
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    Yeah, what of it?
  5. In the early 1990's a WW2 liberty ship was rescued from the reserve fleet and sailed accross the Atlantic for the 50th aniversary of the D Day landings. The SS Jeremiah O'Brien was moored alongside HMS Belfast for a while and I took the opportunity to spend a very interesting couple of hours aboard her. The ship is now a moored in San Francisco.

    Welcome to the S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN
  6. Ravers

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    Anyone know the name of the liberty ship that used to be moored up with the batch 1 42s at the ammo point in Pompey? Seaside them used to train on it, fast roping on to her, letting off pyro and blowing off doors and what not. Anyone know what happend to her?
  7. Grumblegrunt

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    probably ended up in hartlepool or wherever that scrappers is.

    its got a bigger navy than we have.

    the ghost fleet is norfolk (US not 6 fingerland) is interesting and the same as the pacific one with more rain and storms probably - its that fleet which keep getting towed to the north east where the greenies are trying to stop the scrapping cos its dangerous and had asbestos etc.. on board.

    The story of the fleets is pretty interesting as part of the strategic reserve for re-forger held over from the shipping shortage from '42. Its a shame they were never allowed to work their passage like the RFA and have been derelict since vietnam and were too far gone for either gulf. I think the only thing remotely similar now is the ships at DG but they are loaded up for bear, camel, or panda depending on who kicks off first.
  8. It's almost as sad as the USAF's dump at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base near Tuscon, Arizona.

    Davis Monthan AFB.jpg Davis Monthan AFB 2.jpg
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    Saw those when I was there in '04. That's gotta be a gash draft being upper deck sentry on a massive empty ship for months at a time.
  10. Rapers :- Here's all you need to know.

  11. Very interesting site, seems strange to see the ships still fitted out with desks, radios and beds like they're waiting to get recalled but instead have been allowed to rot. Had a read up on Wikipedia about the Sea Shadow, very interesting.
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