A Very Happy Dominion Day

To all my fellow Canucks, especially any of those serving abroad, a very happy Dominion Day - or if you are younger, Canada Day! We are very proud of you. And remember, Canada has a much better army than it deserves!

To all our American cousins - Please have a safe and happy Fourth Of July! Especially to those serving abroad. A lot of nonsense gets tossed your way, but you are great neighbours and are welcome over anytime (just leave your guns at the door - as well as your beer, tastes like weak piss).

To our British cousins - hell, make some chili or burgers and dogs and have a party anyway. Maybe drink a few ales (that would be a change, wouldn't it?) Better yet, show your love of Canada and kiss a beaver!
Beavers will be kissed after a couple of sherbets later in the day.
That's the spirit! Dominion Day is 1 July, but why let a little thing like a date hold up a party. Get started early, that's what I say! Besides, isn't it July in Australia already? Mind, there are a few Australian Beaver's I would love to kiss. Where is Ms. Minogue and Mme. Kidman? Although Fosters is a top-notch product, those two are only a couple of examples of outstanding Australian characteristics that are far more memorable than that beer.

And as for the Brits/Scots/Irish out there, come on over here, enjoy the country (Heck, even I admit Quebec is fantastic and les quebecoise are fabulously hot!). Your pound is worth 2.5 of our dollars, our women love your accents, and you can go on at length in a pub about your favourite fooball (read soccer) team, because we all have no clue what you are on about and simply wish to be left alone to watch re-runs of the Russia-Canada '72 hockey series.

Except Australians. We love your football. No rules. Handguns allowed. Great game.
Ozduke said:
Sorry, too French.
You don't want to French-kiss a beaver? Well, not that there's anything wrong with that. I suppose.
Well if that's not an excuse to drink this evening then I don't know what is..

As a Brit living in the US I am looking forward to my first 4 Jul as well. Although refering to the War of Independence as a 'colonial spat' seems to be causing much amusement with my US colleagues.


War Hero
One and all,

HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

140 years young today.

Largest country by land mass in the world, touching on 3 oceans and having the longest undefended border anywhere.

It just doesn't get any better than this.
Happy Canada Day :) .

Been drinking since 10pm (now 6:49) and am steaming drunk, but there's noreason I can't raise my last half pint to you lot :D .
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