A Very Happy Birthday Harry Patch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. 109 years old today

    In a word Harry other than Many Happy Returns for Today I would simply say 'Thanks'.

    A true hero and sadly not many left from that Generation now.......
  2. Happy birthday sir, and gawd bless ya
  3. A very Happy Birthday to you, sir.

    I am desirous to see you have a great many more.
  4. Hear, hear, a glorious happy birthday to you on an apt weekend for remembrance.
  5. happy birthday Sir, well done to you and would love to have a chat with you and find out how you think this country has changed over the years. Have a tipple and enjoy, you deserve it. :party:
  6. Happy birthday Harry!

    We all looking forward to you celerbrating your 110th!!
  7. Happy Birthday Sir!
  8. Yes very happy birthday sir its hard to imagine this chap actually fought in the third battle of ypres,( better known as passchendaele )which cost the british /commonwealth 300,000 dead /wounded ,(approx 35 dead for every yard gained), mind numbing figures indeed ,how that generation endured four years of such carnage is beyond me, and i sincerley hope when the last survivor of that war does pass on as a mark of our gratitude and respect , he is afforded a state funeral .
  9. Having walked amongst the stones and memorials at Tyne Cot Commonwealth war graves cemetery the scale of the loss at Passcendaele is absolutely staggering.

    Tyne Cot is the largest British war cemetery in the world. I truly believe it is only by a personal visit can you begin to understand the enormous scale of the loss.
  10. A very happy birthday to you sir, and wishing you many more :eek:
  11. Quite right ,i have also visited tyne cot and it is a sight which will live with me for life its not until you actually ses magnitude of the place can you begin to realise what these figures mean, and even more sobering is the fact that for every soldier lost in that awful saleint only about 1 in 8 have a known grave, the rest are still undiscovered in those few square miles if ther ever was a hallowed place then the ypres saleint is it
  12. Happy Birthday Harry! The Pilkem ridge is stunning this week. I have never seen so many poppies on the verges as this year! A toast to you Sir!
  13. A toast to your good health Sir
  14. Happy birthday Sir. I will raise one to you tonight, and the memory of your friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    To you long life and good health, cheers.
  15. Happy Birthday to a true hero, not like some of the Z listers that picked up a gong on ther latest honours list.