A very Gucci Windproof or is it?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Baz44, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. I got the opportunity of an extremely gucci so called Arctic Windproof smocks - a very nice piece of kit. Seems they are a one time issue to the RM and it’s fallen of the back of a mate in 3 Commando Brigade – but are they real issue kit or is this a wind up?
    Seem too good to be true. Its very tempting as It really is a good piece of kit though naturally comes at a price.
    Recently I have gone back to using my old windproof but found I was really missing those zipped chest pockets - that's why this one is of interest to me best of both worlds - plus some other gucci pockets, but lots of mesh and on the inside pockets.
    Any one had one of these? if so what do you think – good or a gimmick? First time I have ever seen an issued smock with the words MODIFIED on the label is this for real?
    Would be interested on any feedback

    Spec as below

    Wire hood, 4 large pockets, 1 GPS/ or something pocket, 2 zip chest pockets (ah they are back), 2 side pockets (fleece lined!), Rank slide, Mesh lining and underarm zip vents!

  2. Probably not an issue piece of kit- had something similar in early 90's and removed the wire from the hood. Was a little bit Gucci but better than the crap I was issued with.
  3. Well I initially thought it was a wind up but having got eyes on and seen the label it does have a NSN so that got me wondering and now I have seen one on ebay so it must be for real right :)

    Only problem mate got the wrong size now he gotta go back and exchange it - bless him but hey he is RM and 99% need not apply!

    Handy having friends in funny places though
  4. A mate was given somthing like that by a mutual aquaintance from Them, definitly had "Modified" on the label. He found it too warm compared with the old Windproof for tabbing.
  5. Well getting given it is out of the question he is a tight kit (might have bitten his hand off otherwise).
    Based on what you said though explains the zips under the arms like quality civvie Outdoors jackets - helps to vent off the upper body when on the move. Its all the mesh that don't make sense to me, on the inside pockets and bottom of outer pockets - fur lined additional lower pockets a nice touch though - unless you got glove of course

    Cheers for the feedback though.
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  7. Yeah, sounds exactly like what a mate of mine who was with them for a while came back wearing all the time.... looked gucci as you like - if anyone has any spare.... :p
  8. Yep looks like it has the same set up - wondered what the flat pockets was on the outside of the top right pocket. Actually been having a closer look guess the mesh on the bottom of the pockets is for when you fill your pockets with water (though a couple of eyelets in the bottom would have done the same thing. Get the feeling pens will end up slipping through the mesh when stowed in a rush and then dropping out yr smock so have some spares. As for the fleece lined bottom pockets well jury is out on that won, they are well tuckedaway not much use with conventinal webbing but would be usable with assault vest I guess. Actually its the small things that impressed me more like a loop to hold the rolled hood in place the hood string tensioner two part but clips to make one, the zipped chest pockets and the material seems harder wearing than the old windproof (could explain the vent zips windproof material both way will not let the persperation out!). Well decided to go for it as we agreed on a price no more than I would have paid to replace my old faithful windproof (age and numerous patching now taking its toll) so will keep you posted. Might have a spare if it works in my favour so watch this space
  9. sounds like the arktis waterproof/windproof smock. think they retail at around 180 quid!
  10. hi yall (1st post) does anyone have a pic of this? i cant picture it
  11. I've only seen one guy wearing one, its essentially the same as the issue field jacket, but with a hood and windproof liner, right?

    He got it from stores, he must give exceptional head, i can't see any other way of getting hold of one!
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I saw some windprrofs issued when Afghanistan kicked off. Same as the gaberdine SAS smocks but with the slotted buttons, longer elbow reinforcing, tab velcro cuffs and a flap to get a PRR ear piece wire through. The label on that said "modified". Trousers modified too, and desert DPM variants of each. This was all before the gear that is issued now.

    As for the gucci mesh pocketed smock it is current SF issue and you can get the ARKTIS "Kommando" smock brand new for around £75.
  13. I have one of these smocks...the guy who I got it from gets them straight from the factory, they tell him that they are the new issue windproof. They have an NSN, ask your clothing store to check the number.

  14. Can't find any on ebay - do you have any links???