A very Durty Weekend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Achmed, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. This weekend I have had an exceptional fithy weekend by chance is wasnt planned it just happend.

    thursday night I was invited to a party realy good party, I trapped of with a rather buxom scots lass, who invited me up to have a look a the view from her hotel room....1.5 hrs later, Achmed headed down to the bar to finish of some champers...party ended.0130hrs

    Feeling full of energy i decided to go to one of my favorite bars in Dubai...next thing a nice vietnamese lady started chating to me very beautiful......back to her place.....shot out torpedo no 2 got changed headed out 0315hrs, I got in the lift, in the lift there were two nice romainian ladies who made me an offer i couldnt refuse, (two birds, two hundred dhs) it was the end of their shift even they needed a fcuk.......at 0500hrs Achmed shot out tube no 3.

    Their friend come in for a chat, she fancied some as well, she had a very slim figure with the finest set of whabs this side of the red sea...she had to have it.....0700hrs i fell into a taxi home.

    1300hrs phone rings its my fillipina friend who i promised to take out for lunch.....oops i am late, no worry she say's i will come over to yours you sound tired............ :p

    I am fooking knackerd, my forskin looks like Niki loauders ear, by bollocks are shriveled and aching like they ve been clubed.

    The Scots lass wanted to take me out again, I tried contacting OFaH to see if he wants to stand in.

    Whats Your Fithiest weekend?
  2. Life's a bitch, then you have to pork them all.
  3. i,ve had a dirty weekend alright, laying my fcuking patio,still i might have a thank you shag tonight and it,ll make all that sweat,toil and stinging fingers all seem worthwhile. :hump:
  4. Played rugby yesterday got very dirty.
  5. Disclaimer..it wasnt me, i was busy with OfnH doing some ahem research.
  6. I've always found you get the best results when you are not trying.

    If you go out looking for action it's as though women can "smell the want" and that tends to repel them.
  7. Achmed, I am only in Umm Sequim and am available as a stunt c*ck anytime of night or day. Also bloody well done on the 200dhs effort.
  8. Utter bollix :compress:
  9. And then you woke up,and found yourself all alone with a 20 year old Mayfair.
  10. What did you do for the other hour and 27 minutes?
  11. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

  12. It's great to know that the cult of the Military Sex Liar is still alive and thriving. To achieve maximum points though, Achmed you should have included a fictitious mother-daughter combo, the Holy Grail of the 'guess-what-I-did-this-weekend-bullshi-tters' craft. Ordinarily this would involve you nailing the younger lady, then going to the fridge at some unspecified point in the night, only to be accosted by her mum.
  13. With a few of the pages stuck together. :wink:
  14. Nothing on RTFQ or cerunnos.
    And a high percentage of their stories ring true.
  15. Silly! He had a wank of course! :twisted: