A Very Decent Yank: 60 Years Later, Veteran Achieves Closure

Discussion in 'US' started by Andy_S, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Andy_S

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  2. jim24

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    While reading The Book( To the Last Round ) I did some research about Korea and came across the story of Kim Won Kyn an 11 year old boy who was almost convicted of spying by the communists, there is some brilliant stuff about this on the "British Pathe" archive including a story about the children's home at Dong Bong in Seoul and on Cheju island, Korea really was a Shitty war, How the F@ck they could call it a Police action beggers belief, and the Civpop were treated as little more than targets by both sides
  3. Well done him and probably more importantly, to all those that helped the kids in Korea, nice to see some good news.
  4. A nice story for a change. Kam sa hap nida.