A very British heroism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. A very British heroism
    By ROBERT HARDMAN 08:48am 24th June 2006


    Fascinating reading. What brave men!
  2. The things about VC winners is that their all so humble about what they did.
  3. Sadly the England team are and will all ways be thought of as heroes by many. When they fall down and scream in pain. They know nothing of pain and hardship. When the fans sing the national anthem I feel sad and angry, again it is all they know and want to know.
  4. We had this debate last night regarding the wage and respect quotients of England fotballers, doctors and Soldiers.

    One of the players received in excess of £5M a year and tons od kudos (plus, we assumed advertising revenue). The doctor we knew earned around £45k and was regarded as a commodity to be used when he was needed but had some respect from the local community. The soldier (inf, full screw) was bottom of the league in earnings and equally so in respect.

    The soldier was the only one who put his life on the line for his country and yet was underpaid, unappreciated and even a little despised (if the fact that our local training regiment get boo'ed when they march through!).

    We need more of these VC events - I am hoping that the press will forget fools kicking a ball around and fully support Veteran's Day, giving credit where it's due and honouring those who served and serve today.

    Great thread - great article, picked me up before going off for morning services,

  5. Nothing much seems to have changed in the last hundred years, does it?

  6. Makes you feel very proud.

    And very humble.
  7. I was recently over in Carrickfegus in NI nad was in the local musem, when I saw a picture and plaque for James Crichton VC, one of two for the local area.

    He was a career soldier and served in South Africa before the war started and a line caught my eye

    He was 39 when he won his VC

  8. Deeply humbling.
  9. Let me chuck in a few facts to challange the footballer = wuss thread.

    The National Army Musuem has a section on fighting footballers. http://www.national-army-museum.ac.uk/exhibitions/football/page3.shtml
    Lcpl Willie Angus VC (8th HLI and Celtic)
    2Lt Donald Bell VC 9th Yorkshires and Bradford Park Avenue
    2 Lt Walter Tull. First black outfield player, (and commissisoned in spite of KRs about white officers only) 100+ games for Northamptonshire MID KIA

    The following football teams joined up en mass in the Great War.
    Heart of Midlothian Football team 15th? R Scots - over the top on 1st July 1916.
    Middlesborouigh FC = 12th Yorkshires. Manager joined as a CQMS.

    Bolton Wanderers joined the TA in March 1939 -and served in the RA in Italy in WW2. The only man not to survive was the team captain killed as an DFOO in italy

    I read a pre Great war diary of a Sergeant Richardson in the in the Yorkshire Regiment who was a good enough footballer to play for Bradford City in 1908 ish. Even then football supporters were called hooligans and his dary tells of how the RASm wanted him to stop encouraging hooligan fans from congregating outside the camp. Even then Football was a yobs game.

    Anyone know of other football temas that joined up tiogether and served together?

    Would any of the current crop of football players be likely to become decent soldiers?

    If there was a similar
  10. I think the reason the VC winners who are still alive are so humble is due to the fact alot of them come from that generation where they had manners and behved properly bar the grenadian lad who won the recent VC he was quite a well mannered young man AND i would like give a shout to my old mate who was my senior private soldier in 3para, Peter Mckinley who was in the telegraph t'otherday for an act of bravery!!!!!!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Welly,Near Carrick on the way to Larne is Whitehead.On the war memorial in the town are a the names of those who fell in WWII.My Dear Departed Father is from Carrick but grew up in Whitehead.When they replaced the W/Head memorial about 15 years ago,Dad went to see it.Oit was the names of all the pals Dad grew up with.My Dad was the only one of the lads he grew up with who survived WWII.
    Dad did'nt win any 'major' medals but I suppose like all the VC winners he had the same attitude.That they were 'just doing a job & could'nt see what all the fuss was about'.
    These lads are more of a hero to me than any sports star & they should,but sadle dont(because who cares besides us!) be a inspiration to the younger generation.
  12. The support shown for Pat Tillman who gave up NFL football to join the US forces shows that there is still a thread of patriotism and decency in American sportsmen,

    But I dont imagine Rio or Ronney handing in there Mansions and high society girlfriends for Garrison slappers and barracks somehow.
  13. I must admit that sometimes it's hard to believe these guys are war winners and heroes due to the foul way they are treated by the government younger generations etc etc they don't get the respect they son deserve it seems all the dicks in this country would rather glorify the shyte youth of today who are stabbing eachother and robbing war vets it's enraging!!!!!