A VC obituary - 'Like giving an elephant strawberries'


The Teleegraph is a bit late with that one, the Regiment e mailed all and sundry within hours.
The Teleegraph is a bit late with that one, the Regiment e mailed all and sundry within hours.
That "All and sundry" being those in the same regiment I presume Ugly ? Which would be about 0.0000000000000000000000001% of the population ............ bit harsh to assume we all knew of this and that this is a non post Ugly.

I wasn't one of those "All and sundry" and was glad to hear about the old boy, so thanks to Fireplace for not assuming we had all heard about it.

I do look at the Telegraph obits from time to time and catch up on all the old boys who did amazing things during a given war and then went on to do things like "Take a keen interest in dressage" or "kept bees in their living room", etc, etc. This has reminded me to go have a look again. The obits will be a lot less interesting in another few years when there's no WW2/Korea vets (veterans) and before the next lot of heroes passes in another 60 or so years time (with a brief blip for the Falklands vets) long after me!

After following the link I had a look at some of the others including Captain Stephen Perry.........

Then I took a dekko through my glasses and there was the flash! It was a tank — probably a Tiger – just below the skyline. I grabbed the first three chaps I could see and we jumped into an SP ... but [the Tiger] spotted us and a ding-dong battle began, round for round.

“After the 11th round, a cloud of smoke came up from the Tiger. Then we got in [another] half a dozen rounds before he waddled off pouring smoke from his turret.”

Fantastic deeds and fantastic descriptions with quotes filled with 'chaps', 'ding-dongs' and waddling off's" absolutely priceless. True Gentlemen!


Didn't mean it to sound arrogant but the e mail was to various other orgs and newspapers I was expressing surprise that the telegraph took so long to write up the obit, clearly the DLI publicity machine is past its best!
I liked a Torygraph obit of a few years ago that told us an old soldier was always known a 'Stripey' after an encounter with a tiger left him with amusing injuries to the buttocks!

Some of the things these chaps did were astonishing-not least because they went back to such normality afterwards
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