A v N - Who was the streeaker!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Any names / service /unit?

    Good effort - although not actually a streaker.
  2. My thought exactly! What a legend, really played up to the crowd!
  3. Male or Female?
  4. THe streaker was sat a couple of rows in front of me. He was sat with a load of guys wearing blue and was wearing a dress so was most likely navy.
  5. No change there then! :roll:
  6. Great spirit from the crowd, who gave the goons that caught him a good seeing to - well vocally!!
  7. There appears to be part of the answer in this thread:


  8. I did say at the time that he had to be a Matelot. Especially wearing that very small posing puch which was covering.... not a lot?

    Good drills though. The RFU t*ssers seemed to be a bit heavy handed initialy or was that just me?
  9. I hope he is read the Articles of War. This morale business must be stamped out before it catches on. I'm surprised he wasn't a booty.
  10. The "RESPONSE" thugs realised that they had alarge audience, but did try to be stupid, he really came very quietly and they came out of it looking - well like twats!
  11. Did he have a roll mat?
  12. I was in the part of the crowd that gave the umpa lumpas a hard time with our voices because they would not come any closer
  13. Rumour had it that his mates had a sweep and the one who streaked got the takings! He was later seen wandering around in a forensic type white boiler suit looking for his mates who had gone AWOL with his clothes :D Evil barstewards
  14. He looked much meatier on the pitch, seeing him later in the Cabbage Patch in a romper suit made from disposable knicker paper was a bit of a let down :p
  15. I think the suggestion of a mass streak at next years fixture is a winner. 200 runners in the bollocky buff. It'd make world news! Synchronized watches and velcroed quick removal kit and waheeey!