A US policeman demonstrating 'awesome' bike control - enjoy.


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That's three minutes of my life wasted. I was expecting a stuck throttle, an out of control bike and an extremely expensive and satisfying crash.

Instead you post a video showing some nerd displaying masterful bike control.

What is ARRSE coming to?



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Try it when eating a doughnut and I would be impressed
I'm impressed, if he can do that on a Hardly Ableson imagine if he had access to a motorcycle!!
He's a septic, what do you expect? That was probably his 18th go at it, they're not going to show the cock-ups are they?
To be fair if you saw the " protective" elasticated trackie bottoms that is part of their uniforn, you would want to be that good because if you came off you'd loose all the skin on your legs!

Had he hoicked up the front wheel on the finish line then i would be impressed.
Not even a single moment of tyre smoke or wheelies.

And he looks like a bum bandit.
I'd have trouble remembering which way to turn. Many years ago I accompanied my mate on the old Part 1 test. I borrowed one of the instructors' Gold Wings and did something similar - though not quite as fast (or as prolonged), and significantly less gay. The irony was that I didn't even have a license at that time.
If the 911 call comes in to say a fat, camp motorcyclist with tight leggins and a wheel gun is needed to pursue a baddy through a series of road cones without knocking them over........... He's your man.

Sadly he'll be off his motorcycle at the time of the call due to being inside another man.

Impressive riding, his next stunt should be jumping a line of mexicans in his steam roller.

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